The Last Innocent Book Release July 4 2014

Released on: June 27, 2014, 1:57 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Nottingham, UK, June 27, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Last Innocent by K. Chrisbacher Book Release July 4 2014, Fiction.

The debut novel by K. Chrisbacher - The Last Innocent - is due to launch on the 4th of July 2014. The Last Innocent is the first book in the Dimensions series.

'Twenty-two-year-old Sarah Croshen’s life changes when the police kill an intruder in her house and she meets the handsome detective David Galpren. From there, the truth quickly unravels. She is a veiled Innocent and the world is not at it seems. Winged angels? Demons from Hell? Supreme mortals with supernatural abilities? Preposterous! But when a demon prince kidnaps her best friend, Sarah must fulfill a destiny she never asked for, or risk her friend’s life.'

The Last Innocent is a book based in the near future, where the worrying signs of end times and a one world order become the backdrop to a character-driven story, a story of a reluctant heroine, plucked from her comfortable life to confront entities she assumed were myths, the fallen angels. In the process she must also come to terms with other truths about who she really is and what she is capable of. This story will appeal to anyone fascinated by the apocryphal texts, in particular the mysterious book of Enoch, which tells of the Watchers whom defied God by coming to earth and producing offspring with the daughters of men, known in the bible as the nephilim.

What people are saying about The Last Innocent:

'In The Last Innocent, Sarah Croshen discovers that she hasn't been imagining the strange phenomena that happen around her. She is a veiled Supreme, with supernatural abilities, and for years demons have been coming after her while her immortal guardians fend them off. Now that she knows the truth, things get even more complicated. And dangerous. The Last Innocent is exciting, and its take on angel and demon lore is interesting, especially the demi-demons and their daily influence on man. The characters are well-drawn. The good guys are brave and self-sacrificing without being too perfect. The villain is terrifyingly charming. Other characters lie in fascinating shades of gray. Sarah, our heroine, is strong and a little sassy, and her wit acts as a perfect balance for the weight of the problems she faces. The Last Innocent teems with inner struggles, searches for identity, and forbidden love. K. Chrisbacher's skillful writing lets us experience all the tension and uncertainty right along with the characters, and the edge-of-your-seat final conflict will leave you wanting more.'

Melinda Brasher, author of Far-Knowing and Leaving HomeBachelor of Arts, Spanish and Linguistics

'Although I'm more of a fan of creative non-fiction, I'm also a fan of learning whether it's through the author's style or content. As K. Chrisbacher's story unfolded, it wrapped me up into a novel laced with mystery, action, fantasy, and a creative interpretation from the Book of Revenlations. It even contained the dreaded romance I try to avoid reading. But Chrisbacher tells the story of Sarah Croshen quite well. I study books one page at a time and never try and guess what's coming next. The Last Innocent is written in such a descriptive style it absorbed me into the story. I take this journey along with Sarah as she discovers she isn't the typical college student she believes herself to be, and indeed has a higher calling. We see the characters with their heroic traits and especially their flaws. This work definitely spares us from the “perfect” characters that make most novels unbelievable. Open TLI and experience the adventure for yourself.'

Rick Velasquez, Bachelor of Arts, English/American Studies Writing Program


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