Vision Pacific Delivers Colourscan UVSS to Europe

Released on: June 05, 2014, 5:37 am (EDT)
Industry: Defense

Bangkok, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Company has recently delivered its Colourscan Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems to a law enforcement agency in Europe.

This further expands the company’s customer base from Asian and Middle Eastern countries to Europe.

The high technology vehicle inspection systems will be used by the law enforcement agency to ensure that illegal objects are not attached to the undercarriage of the vehicles entering the premises.

The Colourscan UVSS can intelligently announce the presence of any suspicious undercarriages through its intelligent software.

Security officers can effectively search for foreign objects from the high quality undercarriage image instantly.

Currently manholes are being used for screening.

The systems are expected to be installed and in operation by June/July 2014.

More units are expected to be order in the next financial year.

About Vision Pacific Co., Ltd
The company is technology-focused and specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of intelligent under vehicle surveillance systems UVSS or under vehicle inspection systems UVIS.

With an experienced team of qualified Thai engineers, Vision Pacific aims to affordable undercarriage inspection products as an ideal solution to the demanding vehicle inspection process. Key products of the uvss manufacturer are the Colourscan, Videoscan UVSS and Automatic Licence Plate Recognition.

Customers of Vision Pacific include government agencies, law enforcements units and military installations from Thailand, US, countries in the Middle East, Asia and the Africa continent.


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