Released on: July 11, 2014, 2:05 am (EDT)
Industry: Automotive

San Francisco, CA, July 11, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- CHARIOTZ today announced the launch of its new site, CHARIOTZ provides a new way for auto customization and restoration businesses, and car enthusiasts, to easily tell the stories behind their modified and restored cars using photos and highly informative tags. Consumers use the site to show off their custom and classic cars, get inspired by thousands of showcased cars, discover new ideas, and get modification and restoration information. Businesses use the site to showcase their products and projects, and find customers who are looking for help to turn their own ideas into reality.

“Car lovers like to make their cars unique, and stand out from the crowd. Imagine that you are on Pinterest or Instagram, get inspired by a photo of a BMW M3 with cool wheels and a modified exhaust, and would like to install them on your own M3. Finding the necessary information behind the products used and the work performed can be a very frustrating experience. Both car enthusiasts and auto customization businesses experience this extreme annoyance every day, and the current forums, galleries and social media platforms are wholly inadequate. Today, we introduce CHARIOTZ, to help make car customization easy and fun!“ said Wilfred Martis, founder and CEO of CHARIOTZ.

There are over ten thousand auto customization and restoration businesses in the US alone, and that number is projected to grow by 20% over the next 3 years. Today, these businesses use word-of-mouth marketing, Yellow Pages, Yelp, automotive shows and automotive forums to promote their work and acquire new customers. While word-of-mouth marketing can be effective, it is very limited in its scope and reach. Text-based mediums such as Yellow Pages and Yelp are not very effective at inspiring or attracting new customers. Automotive shows are costly and provide limited exposure. Many businesses use photo sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, but these pictures are unable to capture and showcase details of the products used and work performed, and are eventually lost amongst the ocean of generic car photos. By contrast, CHARIOTZ provides a dedicated site for these businesses to showcase their products and projects through high quality photos and simple but powerful info tags, which help them to easily connect with new customers seeking ideas, inspiration and professional help. Car lovers also use CHARIOTZ to show off their own custom and classic cars. Consumers and businesses together provide the inspiration, ideas and information to enable all car lovers to DRIVE DIFFERENT.

“We are happy to partner with CHARIOTZ because it gives our customer base a way to find exactly what they are looking for, and a way for us to properly advertise certain cars we have built. We are in a digital era where pictures are a dime a dozen. The key is interaction and a direct channel of communication. CHARIOTZ gives you both in a user friendly platform.” said Brooke Berston, Online Marketing Director at Vivid Racing (, a premier retailer of performance and racing automotive parts.

“CHARIOTZ provides a unique platform customized for our market. Their site will offer great value not only to car owners but also to businesses like ours. We look forward to a strong and mutually beneficial collaboration between our two companies" said HAMANN USA (, one of the world’s best-known aftermarket tuner companies.

“We are excited to work with CHARIOTZ because of their focus on high quality images and integration with Social Media.” said Shinoo Mapleton, President and CEO of Sector 111 (, a lightweight sports car specialist focused on Lotus, Ariel, BAC & Alfa. “The tags and other features make CHARIOTZ a cool new way for us to promote our products in a customer friendly manner!”

“The CHARIOTZ site allows us to showcase the many wheel and tire packages we sell to dealerships and retailers. The end user can see what is available in the marketplace, what it will look like on their vehicle, and the right information to make a decision.” said Darren Young, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wheel Specialists (, a wholesaler of wheels and tires. “CHARIOTZ also provides eye candy for anyone wanting to check out cool vehicles!”

“CHARIOTZ gives us the ability to market our products in a unique way. CHARIOTZ allows Vettesthetics to connect with enthusiasts that are specifically interested in Corvette related modifications. This is extremely important for a company like ours as it provides us the opportunity to concentrate our marketing dollars on people actively seeking to get new ideas for their own project and builds. Another valuable benefit to using CHARIOTZ is the ability to collaborate with others in our industry. The ability to visualize what industry leaders are creating or offering facilitates the opportunity to create synergy with other companies by providing complementary products and services. CHARIOTZ gives us this and more in one complete experience.” said Mike Brown, President and CEO of Vettesthetics (, manufacturer of the Hammerhead LED bezel and retailer of aftermarket Corvette parts.

Visit today or contact the company for more information at View CHARIOTZ’ informational video here:

Contact-Details: Wilfred Martis
435 China Basin St, #638
San Francisco, CA 94158

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