Cloudbilt Releases New Version of ezCloudAudit™

Released on: July 25, 2014, 5:00 am (EDT)
Industry: Software

Charlotte, N.C., July 25, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Cloudbilt, a provider of Software-as-a-Service Apps, today announced a new version of ezCloudAudit™, which gives a clear view of user behavior in Salesforce while monitoring the management of sensitive data.

ezCloudAudit™ tracks everything users view in Salesforce including records, dashboards, reports, Visualforce pages and communities. It enables administrators to understand actual Salesforce user behavior and drive user adoption. Executives and managers can also leverage the tool for auditing and compliance as well as detecting potential abuse.

The new version of ezCloudAudit™ provides enhanced reporting in three key areas:

• Exported Reports: Monitor who is exporting reports from Salesforce and also reconstruct reports – even if they have been deleted or they are saved in a private folder.
• Salesforce Logins: See who is logging in (user), when (timestamp) and from where (IP address).
• User Activities: Track what each user is looking at in Salesforce. Gain insight into user behavior and learn what content matters to employees, customers and partners.

Data is presented in tables and aggregated in dynamic charts and graphs. Review data by day, week, month, quarter or year. Audit logs are saved for up to two years and data can be exported at any time (via a CSV file) for additional review. Filters can be created to aid in monitoring specific users, accounts, reports and IP addresses.

“Salesforce is a large investment for many companies and RIO is dependent upon user adoption. ezCloudAudit™ provides insight into actual Salesforce user behavior and helps identify issues impeding usage. In addition, it is the one tool you need for auditing and compliance as well as detecting potential abuse. ezCloudAudit™ gives you peace of mind because you know what is going on in Salesforce at all times,” stated Cloudbilt CEO John Stewart.

To watch a short video and register for a one on one demo, visit

About Cloudbilt
At Cloudbilt, we believe that understanding the "where" in your data enables your sales team to sell more effectively, your marketing team to target more strategically, & your service team to work more efficiently. But understanding is not enough. Cloudbilt creates Apps that empower your people to move from Insight to Action.

Cloudbilt’s ezCloudAudit™ provides a clear view of user behavior by tracking everything a user views in Salesforce while monitoring the management of sensitive information. To learn more, visit

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