E-Line Technology Announces the HD 1080p Over Coaxial Cable Solution HDCVI

Released on: July 21, 2014, 5:07 am (EDT)
Industry: Electronics

E-Line Technology’s HDCVI cameras and DVRs offer seamless upgrades from traditional analog, coaxial video, audio composite transmission, two-way data transmission over coaxial cable, utilizing composite transmission technology.

Westminster, Colorado, July 21, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- E-Line Technology, today announces HDCVI technology into their product portfolio. High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) Technology transmits HD video using coaxial cabling. HDCVI Technology allows for long distance high definition transmission in 1080p up to 500m. This technology is a cost effective solution that allows for a more complex installation based on existing RG-59 coaxial cabling.

Today’s video surveillance market has an increasing demand for high definition, while analog surveillance systems based on coaxial cabling still dominate. E-Line Technology has introduced HDCVI to give a high definition solution to those with an analog systems already in place. The need to change out the cabling for a high definition surveillance system can now be eliminated when utilizing HDCVI technology.

E-Line Technology has added four HDCVI cameras and three HDCVI DVRs to their product line. With each style of dome and bullet HDCVI cameras, E-Line will be offering fixed and varifocal. The HDCVI DVR’s being added to the product line include a 4ch@15fps, 4ch@30fps and an 8ch@15fps.

HDCVI technology offers a variety of benefits including high definition video formatting in 1920H(1920x1080) and 1280H (1280x720), Analog Modulation: uncompressed and crosstalk-free, Long range transmission, two-way data transmission, and video, audio and PTZ signals transmitted over coaxial cable. E-Line Technology’s HDCVI product line brings High Definition to the analog market.

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About E-Line Technology:
E-Line Technology, a 2D Electronics company, is a manufacturer of equipment and technology for the electronics and security industries. We are based in Westminster, Colorado.

Founded in 2009 by Mike Davis after 17 years experience in security manufacturing, distributing and integration, eLine is a small company that thinks big. Unencumbered by a proprietary manufacturing facility, eLine has the flexibility to test burgeoning technologies and offer a broad range of solutions. We provide both established and pioneer surveillance systems to distributors in the U.S. and global marketplace.

Mike Davis
Eline Technology
1070 W 124th Ave B-100
Westminster, Colorado

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