M-Connect MediaReleases the Percentage Commission Extension for within and outside USA

Released on: July 04, 2014, 5:55 am (EDT)
Industry: Software

Cypress, USA, July 04, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- M-Connect Media, a leading Magento solution provider company, has recently released a brand new extension by the name percentage commission (UPS/USPS/FEDEX). This extension is valid for shipping rates within and outside the boundaries of US.

This extension is useful in assigning commission rates in percentage form on shipping rates from the various different carriers like UPS, USPS and FedEx. This is yet another first from M-Connect Media. As of today, there is no other extension which matches the functionality and features provided by this extension.

The percentage commission extension allows you to set a percentage commission rate along with the shipping charges based on the carrier chosen for shipping. Let’s say a brand store is planning to ship products to person A and person B respectively. Let’s say person A stays in US and person B outside US. FedEx is a common carrier for both places in concern. Now, the admin would have assigned a percentage commission on the shipping rate assigned to the product and the carrier. So, when A and B choose their products, the percentage commission set is added to the total amount.

In some cases the percentage commission is not needed; the admin can always disable this function in such product categories. This extension makes sure the percentage charges are in line with the country or city in question. This extension has been approved by Magento Connect-The Magento Extension Market Place. Please refer this link - http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/percentage-commission-ups-usps-fedex-inside-usa-outside-usa.html

The coding for this extension is in line with the Magento conventions. Not only is it an easy to install tool but also requires low maintenance from your end. This tool allows you to set the percentage commission based on the decisive factors.

“Free shipping is not feasible in every country. There are some taxes and other costs pertaining to certain cities. It is important therefore to charge individual rates as per the place for commission and shipping rate. This extension has been developed by us based on this philosophy and need. We would wait for the comments from our customers and try and bring in the necessary changes needed by them” Spokesperson M-Connect Media.

Please feel free to contact M-Connect Media at any time for Magento extension support or custom development at http://www.mconnectmedia.com/.

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