New “Grand Slam Safety” to Showcase at Little League Intermediate World Series

Released on: July 30, 2014, 1:58 pm (EDT)
Industry: Sports

Livermore, CA, July 30, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Baseball fans will be heading to Livermore soon for the Little League Intermediate World Series, July 29 - August 4, at Max Baer Park. Also celebrating the event will be Grand Slam Safety, a new company dedicated to developing innovative products to keep players safe.

This is especially timely as the growing popularity of youth baseball and other sports raises concerns over player injuries, including concussions. Grand Slam Safety’s popular safety fencing protects players while giving them a true stadium experience.

At a special two-day exhibition in the park on August 2 and August 3, the company invites visitors to learn more about its Little League-licensed products and new West Coast office. West Coast Sales Director Jeanette Chamberlain will be on hand to demonstrate the safety fencing and discuss Grand Slam’s solution to bringing home run excitement back into the game.

Increasing Safety and Fun
The need for a different kind of safety fence became clear to Grand Slam's founders after a conversation with a local parent who worried about the safety of an unbounded outfield. They quickly realized that standard outfield fencing options could pose an even greater safety risk than no fence at all.

"As we began to research commercially available fencing options for outfield fences, we were unable to find any that we considered safe enough to bring well within the field of play," says Grand Slam Safety CEO Bob Lyndaker. Existing fences were generally made from chain link or solid material and were located well beyond the edge of the outfield to reduce the likelihood of serious injury.

By creating a soft and flexible yet high-strength and durable configuration, Grand Slam Safety allows fencing to be placed at the actual bounds of the outfield without contributing to player injuries or impeding the flow of the game.

"The unique tensioned mesh design of the Grand Slam Safety Fence allows a player to run directly into the fence at full speed with minimal chance of injury," says Chamberlain. "This innovation in outfield fencing allows a more exciting and complete game experience for players and fans without the normal injury risks."

Grand Slam's safety fence, which is made in the U.S., appeals to coaches, athletic directors and parents at all levels of youth baseball. "Not only does the fence add the look and feel of a stadium, but it also reduces the risk of injury to our athletes," says Chris Villiere, softball coach at South Lewis Central School District in Turin, New York. "This is essential at a time in athletics when concussions have risen to the forefront of safety concerns in athletes of all ages."

Simple Fix for Crowded, Multi-Sport Fields
The safety fence has a number of additional attributes that make it attractive for teams that operate outside of permanent, walled stadiums. The removable version of the fence can be installed or removed within an hour and is completely customizable to the size and shape of a given field, including fields that adhere to Little League dimensions. It is also easily outfitted with customized numbering to denote field distances. Grand Slam Safety provides customers with a full-scope "transport kit," including turf inserts that conceal the fenceposts' mounting holes, to assist with moving and storage.

To offset the cost of the fence's installation and ensure that its clients enjoy a steady stream of revenue for its entire lifespan, Grand Slam Safety makes it easy to attach advertisements and banners at any point along its length. Thanks to a space-efficient design that requires minimal storage, the fence is ideal for municipal and school fields that host different sports at different times of the week or year.

Learn More
More information about Grand Slam Safety and its line of sports safety products is available at CEO Bob Lyndaker welcomes media inquiries: 315-301-4039 or

For information about the newly opened West Coast office, visit, email or call Jeanette Chamberlain at 925-997-6266.





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