Epicure Digital Introduces New MyPlate Dry Erase Menu Boards to Help the Marketing of School Breakfast and School Lunch

Released on: August 19, 2014, 4:30 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

MyPlate Dry Erase Boards help marketing of the School Breakfast and the School Lunch programs, to increase participation, increase attendance and scores and provide superior nutritional intakes to students compare to those who bring lunch from home or otherwise.

Beverly Hills, CA, August 19, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Epicure Digital, a leader in MyPlate signage solutions for K12 school food services Introduces new MyPlate Dry Erase Menu Boards to Help the Marketing of School Breakfast and School Lunch in K12 schools.

Increasing School Lunch and School Breakfast participation has become a major target for school Food Services with the introduction of the new healthier School Menu.

The decline in School Lunch participation since the inception of the new and healthier meal program, has become a major concern for schools, and many schools started spending more and more marketing dollars to market the new healthier meal program to stop this decline in participation.

USDA research indicates that children who participate in the National School Lunch Program have superior nutritional intakes compared to those who bring lunch from home or otherwise do not participate.

Compared with those who ate breakfast, students who skipped the morning meal had 7% slower power of attention, a measure of their ability to focus and avoid distraction. They also detected 7% fewer targets on target-detection tasks and correctly identified 9% fewer pictures on a picture-recognition test at a 9% slower speed than students who ate breakfast. Variability in response time, an indication of focusing consistency, was 10% more erratic in those who missed breakfast. Girls without breakfast were significantly more disrupted in their ability to focus than boys who didn't have.

Out of over 55 million K12 students in the US, the average daily school lunch participation is about 30 million and the daily school breakfast participation is about 13 million; the potential for school food service’s marketing effort to increase participation is huge.

Only about a third of School Lunch participants, participate in the School Breakfast program. School Lunch participants that are not participating in the School Breakfast program are a captive audience for marketing efforts to increase School Breakfast participation.

Epicure Digital "MyPlate on Wheels" Dry Erase Boards and Epicure Digital “MyPlate A-Frame on Wheels http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/myplate-on-wheels.html, are affordable, simple to implement way of fulfilling USDA’s signage regulation for indoor and outdoor use. School can mount a lunch and breakfast menu board back-to-back for use at both meals. This way student see both the Breakfast and Lunch menu when in the cafeteria, and make these ideal for promoting breakfast while coming to eat lunch.

The novelty of the new Epicure Menu Board Signage solution are creative and effective nutritional labeling signage options to update daily changes on menu boards in school cafeterias momentarily – in less than one minute – making sure the school nutrition services will be provided with options to keep up updating their menus daily, taking in consideration their limited resources to spend time on updating their menus daily.

About Epicure Digital’s menu board product line:
The Epicure Menu Board product line includes The Epicure Menu Board product line includes the newly introduced 'MyPlate Today' Dry Erase Menu Boards, MyPlate Dry Erase Menu Board, using transparent reusable labels, MyPlate Dry Erase Boards with Magnetic Strips and Magnet Blocks, MyPlate Dry Erase Boards with Colored Frames, MyPlate Dry Erase Boards on Wheels, MyPlate Front of Line Dry Erase Boards with suction cups and free-standing models, Smart Snacks A-La-Carte Dry Erase Boards and digital menu boards.

A copy of Epicure Digital's product and price sheet as well as an order form can be found at:

Any Epicure dry erase menu board can use any of Epicure dray erase systems, such as: 'My Plate Today', Magnetic Strips, Magnetic Blocks, Transparent reusable clings, Colored Frames, On Wheels, Front of the Line and digital menu boards.

Epicure Digital clients include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

Contact-Details: Tommy Orpaz
Epicure Digital
8665 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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