Lucky Rap Star Releases Single, "Weed Man," While Ironically the Jamaican Government Legalizes It!

Released on: August 05, 2014, 2:33 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Washington D.C., August 05, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Lucky Rap Star’s fired up, fun single, "Weed Man," will be released Aug. 29, 2014, which is song about planting seeds for a better future! By the fall of 2014, the Jamaican Government is expected to officially legalize marijuana at the same time as the release of “Weed Man!” You can find the Official "Weed Man" Video on [You Tube].

Imagine in a country consumed by Dance Hall and Reggae a real Rap/Hip-Hop artist emerging out of Negril, Jamaica coming all the way to the U.S. is calling all the shots as the official "Rap Star of Jamaica " Born in North Kingston, Jamaica, Lucky Rap Star grew up in a life of corruption and poverty. At age 18 he decided to uplift himself by writing and performing rap/ hip-hop music.

As an inspirational artist of the streets, life, and the world, he is known for his ability to freestyle anywhere, produce quality music, dance, and even sing. His voice has a unique sound that is different from any Jamaican or American rap artist. His performance is unsurpassed, as he can lead a crowd of new fans into an excited frenzy of enjoyment and high energy. Never have people seen such energy from a tall, slim, handsome Rap Star! The next Lil' Wayne just different!

Lucky Rap Star says, “My goal is to leave poverty behind and lead the generations of today into a future of higher heights and meditation.” “Weed Man,” symbolizes these aspirations through the process of planting a seeds and making them grow bigger than Jack and the Bean Stock. Not necessarily having plenty of plant for everyone, but plenty of everything- education, food, love, and family, “Weed Man” is a fun song that is greatly needed to lighten up serious matters of the world and let people relax and feel free!

Lucky Rap Star believe herbs benefit a lot of people for medicinal purposes, but is not to be abused. Marijuana being a criminal offense causes a lot of people not to be able to leave the U.S. Now that the government is finding medicinal benefits of marijuana, there is no reason why the Rasta Men and Jamaican citizens using herbs for medicinal uses need to worry about their future!

Lucky Rap Star is releasing his music in hopes his future will be like a star in the sky!
Release date, Aug 29, 2014 find Lucky Rap Star's hit single on i-tunes,, beatport, rhapsody, spotify, and [bandcamp special pre-order], and watch the fun and exciting ["Weed Man" Video]

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