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Released on: August 06, 2014, 6:59 am (EDT)
Industry: Internet & Online

Egnach, Thurgau, Switzerland, August 06, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Developed by Swiss software company Hulbee AG, the Swisscows search engine has got off to an auspicious start. More than 1.5 million searches were carried out in Switzerland in the first three weeks, and an estimated 375,000 unique users used Swisscows during the first month. According to media reports, Swisscows was third in Google’s keyword list on the day it was launched, which clearly shows that users are very interested in alternative search engines.

“The access figures exceeded our expectations”, explains Hulbee founder and CEO Andreas Wiebe. He adds: “We received hundreds of e-mails containing positive feedback. Teachers are telling us that it is making access much easier for their students, while mobile phone users find searching with the data cloud very useful as it eradicates spelling errors.”

The Switzerland-based specialists in artificial intelligence at software company Hulbee AG have developed an alternative to existing search engines. Not only is it secure, but it is also more intelligent than existing search engines. Answers are delivered quickly because Swisscows is based on semantic data recognition and it also provides users with intuitive help in their searches. Swisscows shows the user a term cloud containing synonyms. A single click is often all it takes; mobile phone users do not have to type each word letter by letter.

Swisscows also has a unique approach to data recording and security. The servers are located in Switzerland, and user searches are not recorded or stored. The topics and questions searched for by users cannot therefore be used for any other business purposes. Swisscows is the efficient alternative for anyone who considers data security and privacy protection to be a priority.

Following the successful launch, the range of services provided by Swisscows is set to expand. An image search is due to be launched in September. Swisscows will also be rolled out in selected European countries over the coming months. Hulbee is currently in talks with a variety of companies and investors with a view to rapid expansion. was developed by the software company Hulbee AG, which is based in Egnach (Thurgau) and was founded seven years ago by Andreas Wiebe. Hulbee is experienced in the fields of business intelligence, IT and corporate management. Its focus is on research and development and the efficient use of neural networks.
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Hulbee AG, based in Egnach/TG, specialises in in-house software solutions for use in the targeted search for business data. It also developed the Swiss price comparison site, which helps consumers make the right choices in their purchase of some 15 million products. The company is also working on technologies to allow searches and evaluation of unstructured data in businesses. Hulbee employs 43 specialists in artificial intelligence.

Contact-Details: Andreas Wiebe
Hulbee AG
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