ArtBookGuy Reveals “The Art of Collecting Art” to Everyday People

Released on: September 11, 2014, 6:16 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Fall ABG Issue Explores Ins and Outs of Art Collecting. Examines all issues involved in art collecting, including commissioning and framing art.

Indianapolis, Indiana, September 11, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Even in recovering economies, becoming a collector of quality, contemporary art remains very possible for the "Everyday Joe."

ArtBookGuy tackles, “Art Collecting 101” in the new issue of

“It’s finally time for people to truly see that they don’t have to be rich to become art collectors and that contemporary art and artists are very much within their grasp,” says ABG owner Michael K. Corbin. "Art should be loved and respected, but not worshipped. We show you how to do that."

The fall issue of ArtBookGuy spotlights “The Art of Collecting Art” with dozens of articles devoted to the subject.

“I’m very pleased that we can finally discuss art collecting in a way that isn’t snobbish,” says Corbin. “Almost anyone can become an art collector and ArtBookGuy is happy to publish this great reference tool for those who might like contemporary art, but are intimidated by it.”

The ABG art collecting guide takes a down to earth and fun approach to collecting and addresses concerns that people may have about contemporary art.

“In addition to art collecting, we’re providing folks with a brand new crop of interviews with gifted artists from all over the world,” says Corbin. “You can meet and contact them and collect their work.”

New artist interviews include: Juan Canals Carreras, Michael St. Amand, Carolyn O'Neill, Tom Hughes, Neil Douglas, Laurent Fievre and Julius Granstrom. promotes dialogue about contemporary art. It features articles, artist interviews and projects, art news and tips for contemporary art enthusiasts. Art For All People.

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