Michelin chef Jean-Pierre Jacob uncovered a secret of his popularity to Food & Chef international project

Released on: September 15, 2014, 6:15 am (EDT)
Industry: Food & Beverage

September 15, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Two-star Michelin chef from France told Food & Chef about his life, success and how he had become so prominent.

Jean-Pierre Jacob – a chef who cooks splendid dishes, following real French recipes, for his guests – is actually a very modest person as any real French:

'One shall always remain modest and common. My task is to cook savoury dishes to French recipes, and I never think that I’ve achieved everything in the art of cooking dinner tonight.

When guests attend dinner tonight, I understand that in the first place, I give pleasure to them. And if a person leaves our restaurant without a smile, it's our fault. To make people happy every day is a difficult task. When we cook French recipe dishes, we sell delight.’

You can find a real French recipe of this famous chef at Food & Chef international project about the most prominent chefs and their dishes.

Salmon with carrot puree, ginger and spice sauces – this is a dinner you can cook tonight. Three simple ingredients and this is a real French recipe! 'This dish is also of beautiful colour. This is a very simple dish without fat, cream, butter, because when I cook, I always think about keeping young women fit. I don't want them to put on weight’, courteous French says.

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