New Feather Stocks for Carnivals Available at Schuman Feathers

Released on: September 26, 2014, 12:24 pm (EDT)
Industry: Retail

Miami, FL, September 26, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Schuman Feathers, one of the leading wholesale feather suppliers in Miami, has added new stocks of feathers in all its categories. As the Carnival season is approaching, people have started preparing for them. This is the best time to buy feathers as you can get to see a lot variety.

Most of the carnivals around the world are celebrated before the start of lent season. In most of the western world countries with large Catholic populations, the time period between Epiphany and Fat Tuesday just before the commencing of lent is celebrated with lots of vigor. The main events happen during the month of February. Some of the most famous pre Lenten carnivals of the world are the Mardi Gras of New Orleans, Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Tobago & Trinidad, and Venice. Carnivals usually have exuberantly dressed up revelers, masquerade and colorful floats participating in a city parade. A carnival typically is a mix of public street party, masks, costumes and some elements of a circus.

Feather costumes are important part of any carnival. It is usual to wear vibrant and over the top costumes made up of feathers. This is the reason why feather sales have started picking up now. Looking at the rising demand of feathers, Schuman Feathers have added new stocks of feathers in all types. Schuman Feathers have a wide range of Nagorie, hackles, saddles, Schlappen, Cokateil, Pheasant, Ostrich, Burnt Coque, Peacock feathers in different colors and lengths. They have feathers in vibrant colors like red, pink, yellow, green, black, white, etc. Some of the colors like lime green, hot pink, bright purple, orange are very popular among buyers for carnival costumes. Schuman feathers themselves dye feathers in different colors. Some of their feathers have been dyed over their natural form while others have been bleached and then dyed. You can buy the one that you like. They also offer cocktail feathers in two toned shades.

‘Schuman Feathers’ is certainly a single step store for all your requirements of feathers. They have years of experience in the field of feathers and posses a great knowledge about them. For more information about the feathers you can log on to the website of Schuman Feathers- You can first check out the website to see the feathers that are available with them and then place your order with them. They are known for the quality of feathers and an excellent customer service. You can now easily make headdresses, collars, sleeves with feathers and wear them in carnivals.

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