Scope unveils new enhanced version of SemantiCz™

Released on: October 07, 2014, 12:58 pm (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Chennai, October 07, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Scope e-Knowledge Center (Scope), a leading provider of knowledge services and a Quatrro Global Services company, is pleased to announce the release of an enhanced version of its content enrichment solution SemantiCzTM. Advanced text mining and ontology based semantic tagging are some of the key features of the enhanced version that help to generate relationships with precise, subject-specific contextual accuracy.

While retaining all the capabilities of the previous version, SemantiCz 2.0 has been enhanced to:

• Manage multiple versions of domain specific ontologies and vocabularies in various languages.

• Extract relationships from the content, specifically predicates, using advanced text mining algorithms thereby providing a high level of accuracy.

• Integrate with external platforms like MarkLogic, to ensure that the enriched information plugs in seamlessly with the client’s ecosystem.

• SemantiCz provides a simple workflow for the use of ontologies in enrichment.

Use of ontologies in semantic enrichment ensures better enrichment of domain-intensive content. Scope’s key USP is the deployment of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are experienced in curating the triples extracted by the platform. SemantiCz enables users to handle a wide range of subject domains based on its proprietary engine and Scope’s vast experience in building taxonomies in many scholarly and professional domains.

SemantiCz uses the REST Web protocol to ensure integration with third-party platforms such as MarkLogic. The “triples” can be retrieved from applications like MarkLogic and visualized in a browser, for further drill down and filtering of information.

On the new release of SemantiCz, Tram Venkatraman, President of Scope, commented, “We are very happy to release the enhanced version of SemantiCz. There is a growing enthusiasm from customers about compliance to semantic web standards like RDF, OWL and the benefits of subject expert curation. Scope’s subject matter experts lend the needed accuracy that may be often compromised by fully automatic semantic engines using natural language processing (NLP) software.”

Scope’s Chief Operating Officer, M. A. Eswaran added, “Publishers and information providers can leverage SemantiCz to enable cross domain (faceted) search and navigation and accurate precision and recall related content recommendation in compliance with semantic web standards like RDF, OWL and so on.”

About Scope e-Knowledge Center
Scope, a Quatrro Global Services company, is an award-winning provider of outsourced, cost-effective Content Enhancement Services, Data Management Services, Business Research Services and Patent Analytics for various clients across the globe. Scope, a niche knowledge services provider, has employees from various educational backgrounds and experience delivering knowledge solutions across multiple industry verticals and domains. Scope fulfils customer needs by leveraging its experience and capabilities using in-house developed proprietary technology solutions and platforms for service delivery as well as its internal needs. Scope is also the publisher of the daily newsletter Knowledgespeak, a comprehensive news service focusing on the STM information industry.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Kobel
Vice President,
Business Development,
Scope e-Knowledge Center
+1 516 462 3555

Contact-Details: Sithara
Scope eKnowledge Center
II Floor, Temple Towers,
Nandanam, 672 Anna Salai,
Chennai - 600 035, India
Tel: 91 44 24314201-03

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