Summer and a Sun Safe State of Mind

Released on: October 29, 2014, 11:19 am (EDT)
Industry: Retail

In a sunny place like Australia there is extreme UV exposure on any given day. It's this prolonged exposure that skin cancer survivor David Goudie credits for his many skin problems today.

Sydney, NSW, Australia, October 29, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- David Goudie is a man who knows all too well the strength of the sun and the damage it can do to your skin. At just 39 David has had skin cancers surgically removed form his nose, chest, shoulders, back and legs. He has a permanent booking every three months with one of Sydney’s best skin cancer specialist to ’nip in the bud any little skin problems that pop-up’ as David puts it.

“It is now just part of my life. I check my skin in the mirror every day for any changes or suspicious looking moles or freckles. The earlier I notice problems, the easier they are to deal with.”

The sound of getting skin cancers cut out every other month may sound frightening to many of us, but it is becoming all too common for many middle aged men and women, especially from Australia.

But it wasn’t always this way for David. A naturally fair skinned child and like most other Australian children, David spent his younger days outside playing sport. A keen cricket and rugby player David was always found outside playing around with a ball and his mates. David also enjoyed the water but spent more time in backyard pools than the beach given the beach was a hour away from his home. “But I didn’t ever a actively sun bake” defends David. “I used to put on sun screen like everyone else, but clearly not enough and not often enough”.

The lesson David is keen to share is that covering up and sun screen is not only for holidays and trips to the beach. In a sunny place like Sydney Australia there is extreme UV exposure on any given day during the long Summer months. Everyday activities such as going to school, walking to the shops, having a swim in a backyard pool or kicking the ball in the park can all expose us to harsh UV rays and the subsequent skin damage.

It is this prolonged sun exposure during his childhood that David credits for his skin problems today. “The most important time to be sun safe if when you are young. Experts tell us that the majority of skin damage is done during childhood and teen years when our skin is most delicate and when we are least vigilant with protecting it”.

“It's parents who need to be thinking Sun Safety all the time, every day” David insists. "We need to change the idea that covering up and sun screen is only for days at the beach. More important is a hat and sun screen every day of the week during Summer.”

David has made sun protection a huge part of his life these days. Not only is he a strict sun safety officer for his three young girls, David now runs a business that designs and makes sun protective swim & beach cover-ups for the family. “We always think sun protection first in both our garment design and the fabrics we choose. It’s a growing business as more and more families are smart about protection their skin”.

David gets a real sense of achievement when returning from day out with then family and no-one is red or burnt. "I know I can be a bit of a drag in the morning getting everyone ready and sun creamed up but they will thank me later!” laughs David. "Having a few scars on my body to show off as a deterrent always helps too!”

See David's full range of sun protective swim cover-ups and garments at his business website Terry Rich Australia is proud to design and make all of it’s sun protective garments in Australia. Terry Rich service the fast growing audience of sun safe customers worldwide.

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