U.S. Army Veteran Launches Premium Beard Oils and Beard Care Products Company BeardBrothers LLC

Released on: October 27, 2014, 11:37 am (EDT)
Industry: Consumer Services

BeardBrothers LLC is a veteran owned beard care company that recently launched it's online store which offers premium facial hair care products to beard and moustache lovers around the globe.

Pasadena, Maryland, October 27, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- U.S. Army Veteran of Pasadena, Md., Nathan Perry, recently launched a beard care company, BeardBrothers LLC., to serve beard and mustache lovers, and anyone who embraces the bearded lifestyle worldwide. Facial-hair lovers know full well how important it is to properly maintain their facial hair and will appreciate BeardBrothers line of premium facial hair care products and accessories, developed to help keep facial hair healthy and strong without weighing it down. Available at BeardBrothersLLC.com, the products are made in the U.S.A. with only organic and all-natural ingredients.

BeardBrothersTM is a veteran-owned company that bears a military flair on all of its products. This can be seen from the camouflage-product labels, to the product names such as, “Roger That”, “Zero Dark 30”, “Got Your Six” and “UXO”. The name BeardBrothers is also tied to the military, referring to men with facial hair as a sort of “band of brothers”. While BeardBrothers understands that most military members aren’t allowed to grow facial hair, they know that it is the first thing many military members do once they leave the armed forces.

BeardBrothers owner, Nathan said, “The BeardBrothers motto is short and simple, Satisfy the Beard.” He added, “With a passion for bearding, our mission is to inspire, pioneer and spread the bearded lifestyle in order to empower men everywhere to do what they were born to do, grow the best beard they possibly can. Our beard oil is currently our best-selling product. Sold in a 1oz. bottle, it delivers seven power-packed natural oils that are particularly good for hair and skin, increasing the health and manageability of your facial hair. Our antioxidant rich formula is targeted at nourishing, protecting and controlling your beard.”

Recently added to their product line, BeardBrothers mustache wax and beard balm gives customers even more options to help tame facial hair, while still boasting BeardBrothers commitment to using all natural ingredients. With even more products coming down the pipeline, BeardBrothers is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all your facial hair care needs. Want to find out more about what BeardBrothers has to offer you and your beard? Head over to BeardBrothersLLC.com.

About BeardBrothers LLC:
BeardBrothers LLC. takes pride in creating the best beard products available. All products are proudly made in the USA and contain only all-natural ingredients. BeardBrothers LLC. has carried over the values they have learned from the military and has used those values to quickly become a well-run one-stop-shop for facial hair care. The company has placed customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything it does and continues to offer the best options for a better beard. If you have a beard, then you are a BeardBrother.

Contact-Details: Nathan Perry
BeardBrothers LLC.
Pasadena, Maryland
+1 410-491-6283

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