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Released on: October 03, 2014, 6:43 am (EDT)
Industry: Internet & Online

Mexico DF, October 03, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- VideoKrtoon is a high quality company, well-known in the whiteboard video animation world. It creates your whiteboard animation easy and you can trust its whiteboard animation services.

The process of creating whiteboard video production has the next steps:

Step 1: Create your script
The content and the story is the most important part of your whiteboard animation video. You can create the script and we can give your feedback or we can pair your message with a copywriter.

Step 2: Scribe sketches
Based on your final script, we will understand what you need and provide business, marketing, and communicating ideas to develop the drawings that will support your message.

Step 3: Record your audio
While developing the images, the audio is created. The drawing of this whiteboard animation type can be really well with real people delivering the message. Then, you are advised to record the voice over. For those messages, you’d better use a professional voice, well we can provide that for you too. This is possible in any language or accent you might need.

Step 4: Film and Edit your video
Once we have sign-off on the images and audio we will create the drawings. In our pictures, we use cero, no templates. Then we edit the footage to sync with the audio.

Step 5: Launch
Your whiteboard animation video is ready to be set in any video file type you need. We produce everything in FULL 1080p HD for the big screen and provide you a master copy for you to compress as you need it.

Whiteboard animation company has an impressive number of projects with a real purpose to promoting various companies, banks, to create advertisements and slogans after original technique. The results are amaizing too. Some whiteboard animations are so creative, incorporating funny sentences to advertise Rear Clear wipes and ergonomic hands free wiping tool, in order to clean up the dogs’dirt or to clean the animals in safe. Here is a funny example “Have you ever seen you dog the butt scotch on the carpet!”

Visit and you can find out another innovative project, a whiteboard video animation film,with fresh images that advertise their bank accounts. Technical drawings are in whiteboard animation style and it gets very close to these caricatures of newspapers, magazines with comic book. Ad's content shall be based upon the way in which they are created drawings and of their animation. So, advertising is more successful for the public. People are more easily convinced to make a loan to a specific bank, using these tapes. Drawings are the story and not the other way around. Interesting concept!

For kids, whiteboard animation techniques can also be combined with colored images to pay attention. The book becomes more interesting and illustrations are very successful, most of the times.

Whiteboard animation videos are often used for business, while the „colored animation” is used for teaching, educational purposes.
Enjoy with your whiteboard animation video wherever you are!

Please Visit for More information.

Contact-Details: Carlos Calero
Mexico DF, Mexico

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