Announcing the world’s most expensive wearable jewelery cable organizer

Released on: November 21, 2014, 12:52 pm (EST)
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Within days of announcing its special 4.5 cm (1.7 inch) KableKache size specially designed for earbuds, the KableKache Company has gone seriously up-market and announced the world’s most expensive range of custom, made-to-order ultra-luxury fashion statement earbud KableKaches to shorten the earbud wires of the outrageously wealthy.

Everyone already knows that KableKache is the world’s most sleek and sexy cable organizer. But until now it has also been the world’s least expensive elegant and wearable cable organizer (discounting wire ties which are neither sleek nor sexy).

The KableKache people just blew “inexpensive” out of the window by announcing the world’s most expensive ever cable organizers.

“A person’s earbuds are not just a listening device,” the CEO of KableKache told us, “they are a fashion statement. They say who you are. Are you a never-heard-of brand person? Or are you a top-of-the line type of person, the kind that others pretend not to glance at but secretly admire? Do your earbuds match whsat you are wearing today or don’t they? Are you with it or not?”

“We felt that if someone for whom elegance is a way of life – the Vuitton, Chanel type of person – wants to shorten the always-too-long wires on their earbuds then whatever shortens it should be a fashion statement in its own right. This is where our special-edition, divinely elegant made-to-order versions of our earbud-size KableKache come in. Today, we are announcing our special order ELEKKANZIA range of jewellery 4.5 cm KableKache for earbuds,” the CEO continued.


“All the ELEKKANZIA range are 4.5 cm (1.7 inch) earbud-size KableKaches,“ the CEO continued. “The first of these ELEKKANZIA models is the ELEKKANZIA LUSTRO model. LUSTRO is an 18-carat gold plated 4.5 cm (1.7 inch) KableKache retailing at around $699.99 (without tax) or £549.99 or 699.99 EU with VAT.

“The ELEKKANZIA OROSA model is made in 18 carat white or yellow solid gold at the customer’s choice,” the CEO told us, “and retails for $9,999 (without tax) or £7,499.99 or 9,999.99 EU with VAT. The ELEKKANZIA OROSA model can be engraved with initials or images and is presented in a solid walnut presentation case.”“The ELEKKANZIA DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA model is made from solid pure platinum studded on both sides with a total of 500 diamonds,” the CEO told us. “The DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA comes in a solid gold presentation case and is made to order for us by one of the world’s most prestigious jewellers. The diamonds can be placed so as to make them into the picture of your choice in sparkling diamond making each EXCESSIVA into a unique piece.” The DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA is for the extremely wealthy only – even without tax it retails for $149,999.99, or £109,999 or 149,999.99 EU with VAT.


We asked ourselves, whoever would buy such a simple thing as cable organizer at such premium prices? Why would anyone spend that kind of money on a simple cable organizer? Are there really people who do not mind paying a few hundred or thousand times what their earbuds cost just to decorate them?

“It’s not really a question of decorating earbuds,” the CEO OF KableKache objected. “It’s really another, new way to wear jewellery. The ELEKKANZIA range was conceived by chance recently when we were showing KableKache to a billionaire friend of ours and his wife. Both of them wanted KableKache but the wife felt it was too plain for her and asked if we could not dress it up and make it more fun and more exciting. We chatted over options and the result was that the first ELEKKANZIA DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA was born then and there in that conversation and is already being made. We felt this model really was over the top which is why we gave it the name of EXCESSIVA to express that.”

You can imagine that we asked the CEO who this mysterious billionairess was. “I’m sure you don’t expect me to answer that,” the CEO of KableKache replied, “Apart from the fact that as you know such people are intensely private, if we were to use her name she’d very likely want us to pay more for it than we could afford. When we invented the ELEKKANZIA range one evening on her husband’s yacht, we were already glad to benefit from her valuable input and inventiveness.”

The CEO added that: “because the DIAMANDI EXCESSIVA is well beyond the reach of almost everybody, we were glad to work out the other LUSTRO and OROSA models together so that almost everyone could find something affordable and exciting in the ELEKKANZIA jewellery range.”


“These ELEKKANZIA models are not quick to make with the ultra-high quality that is essential and our production capacity is very limited,” the CEO told us. “Our friend who created the ELEKKANZIA range with us spoke to some of her friends and the result is that there is already a three month waiting list for ELEKKANZIA models.”

“In fact” the CEO said, “we see a lot of opportunity for the KableKache principle in the luxury jewellery field where we feel it can inject some much-needed fun, excitement and variety that has been missing from a field that has become somewhat dull and repetitive. It is for this reason that the ELEKKANZIA range is only our first step to apply the KableKache principle to a range of jewellery that we call the BIJOUKKISSIMA range. We expect to be bringing out some exciting new developments in this range in the future.”

Cable organizers and luxury jewellery are not the kind of things you think of as going hand-in-hand, but with the KableKache people, you never know what they will come up with next.

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