Shield Card LLC Produces RFID Card And Passport Protectors To Thwart Electronic Pickpockets And Cyber Scanners

Released on: December 08, 2014, 6:49 am (EST)
Industry: Electronics

Monsey, New York, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Holiday season is rife with digital and electronic theft, with some thieves using mobile phones to steal data. The good news is that Shield Card LLC is currently manufacturing a new method of protection which does not necessitate replacing the user’s wallet or passport holder. Shield Cards are lightweight, economical, and can fit in any wallet or card carrier. They also come in passport sizes to fit into a passport holder, keeping it safe from remote pickpockets preying on harried travelers. It prevents reading of RFID chips which are currently embedded in almost all cards.

Many people are unaware that smart cards, credit cards, ATM cards, access cards, drivers’ licenses, and passports can be scanned from a distance, resulting in identity theft and credit card fraud. By simply placing two credit card-sized cards in either side of a wallet, the contents will be covered by an electromagnetically opaque shield. The RFID protector on the Shield Card blocks radio waves and prevents remote scanning.

This makes Shield Cards ideal for banking transactions without the fear of getting precious banking information intercepted. Thus banks, companies that issue credit cards to clients, and other financial institutions can promote their business using Shield Cards. Logos and artwork are customizable, and rush delivery is available so you can have your cards in time for the new year.

The stress of identity theft, potential financial loss, and the time and effort needed to repair credit can be devastating. John Miller, a security guard in a local mall who has personally witnessed these events, asks:

“How much is peace of mind worth to you and your loved ones? I bought Shield cards for myself and my family to protect all our cards.”

Shield Cards provide a secure solution for all your smart cards. They are a great stocking stuffer idea that offers invisible protection.

For more information on how to order Shield Cards, visit for a live chat with a customer rep, or call +1-866-344-2300 toll free (for USA and Canada residents). Gift wrapping is available.

Contact-Details: Laura Bren

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