Trek2Trak Received Accolade from a Mexican Athlete

Released on: December 08, 2014, 6:45 am (EST)
Industry: Travel

SAN REMO, WA, December 08, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Trek2Trak microfiber travel towel received an accolade from Mr. Diogo Enriquez a Mexican athlete, who traveled to Sydney Australia to go on a walk tour in Cronulla beach and South head. He said going on a walk tour is part of his workout to keep his body in tip top shape. He loves sightseeing as well that’s why instead of spending too much time in the gym he prefers to go on a walk tour.

Going on a walk tour really work out a sweat, that’s why it is a must for him to bring at least a face towel, to wipe of the sweat off his face and neck. But then it gets soaked that is why he brings more than one face towel and an extra shirt in his back pack. Mr. Diogo Enriquez does not prefer to bring a larger towel because its heaviness can be detrimental to his workout and enjoyment, during his walk tour. And then he came across Trek2Trak microfiber travel towel at Without thinking twice he purchased one piece in a blue color. He used it as soon as it got delivered to him.

He said, Trek2Trak microfiber travel towel is indeed an excellent product and he got his money’s worth. Now he doesn’t have to stay sweaty during his walk tour because he already has the versatile travel towel of trek2trak. He enjoyed more of his walk tours with trek2trak travel towel, while in Australia.

Another benefit which Mr. Enriquez enjoyed is he was able to use it as a beach towel. He said the microfiber travel towel has got so many uses. He didn’t only use it to wipe off his sweat and to dry up after swimming in the beach; he used it to remove dust from his Asus laptop monitor before having it washed. Too much of his surprise, after having it washed the hotel personnel who is in charge of the laundry, returned it to him less than 2 hours. Much to his amazement of the product, He decided to buy 3 more trek2trak microfiber travel towel. One for his wife Maricon an editorial Makeup Artist and another one for his son Alex a star player in their school’s soccer team.

Trek2Trak microfiber travel towel suits the power family of the Enriquezes. The head of the family is an Athlete, the mother is an editorial makeup artist and their son is a soccer star player in his school. The quality of this travel towel is truly impeccable. Its versatility has already placed the company, Spank Market Place on the map. It has started to become a household name.

The trekkers, campers, hikers, swimmers, divers and even healthcare providers have found an extraordinary product from Trek2Trak. The microfiber travel towel is only the first product which came out and there will be more to come that the company is working on.

Trek2Trak microfiber travel towel won the heart of an athlete.

Contact-Details: Trek2Trak / Suzanne Johnson, c/Spank Market Place
PO Box 4120 #76631, Portland 97208-4120 , (844) 725-0606,,

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