Unprecedented New Software Will Provide Effective Document Management for the DME/Homecare Industry

Released on: January 23, 2015, 3:18 pm (EST)
Industry: Software

Delray Beach, FL, January 23, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Later this year, a software product like no other will be made available to DME and Homecare businesses, allowing them to navigate their sea of documents and greatly improve productivity and efficiency! Healthcare Software Solutions of South Florida is currently putting the final touches on the development of DOCUTRAK-PRO, their cutting edge software tool for document management.

This tool will allow businesses to track all documents in real time, secure all information and sign-offs needed, and collect payments faster. Calls, emails, and research will be reduced and the accuracy of information shared will be higher.

HSS founder and software developer Edward Kutt explains what makes DOCUTRAK-PRO different than other document management tools available today. “Existing solutions are incomplete and don’t allow the level of control and the big picture overview that our solution has built into it. At any time, a user can pinpoint the status of any doc, and documents are automatically pushed to the next step. It really is an ingenious software product, and we are excited to launch it this fall.”

With 35+ years of software development experience, HSS and their team of developers are currently working to fine-tune DOCUTRAK-PRO and prepare it for launch. It will be featured at MEDTRADE SPRING 2015, and questions are welcomed, as well as consultations and demos, which can be scheduled in advance by contacting HSS.

The HSS software developers, along with their ongoing software support teams, are confident that this software will revolutionize how work gets done and documents get processed, and all inquiries are welcome. The team is also prepared to assist businesses with the ICD-9 to 10 conversion, offering their AR-Express software with code matching, training and support. Please visit www.ar-express.net

Contact-Details: Ed Kutt, asap@msn.com, 800 864 6210

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