Authors Campaign Against Vanity Publishers

Released on = May 14, 2005, 4:08 pm

Press Release Author = Paul

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Authors campaign against vanity publishers who take advantage of authors

Press Release Body = Please can you put this on your site to stop authors being taking advantage of.

AUTHOR CAMPAIGN Against undesirable Publishing companies

Author Campaign is an organisation that looks out for authors who fall into the trap of enlisting with undesirable Publishing companies who take advantage of authors by not paying them the royalties that are due to them.

We have a membership which is free of 98 authors and we investigate publishing companies who do not pay their authors the royalties that are due to them.

We have launched an investigation which has now been passed to HM Customs, Trading Standards and also BBC Watchdog after receiving 17 complaints against the activities of Cool publications. www.coolpublications

Our investigation has found that the named company have not been paying the correct royalties to their authors, hence making more money for the company as a whole. We have found that the books that Cool Publications sell are being sold all over the net, here and abroad and the authors are only receiving a small per cent of the royalties which we have narrowed down to 10 to 1 in the favour of Cool Publications.
What this means is that out of every ten copies sold of an authors book, the author is only told about one copy out of the ten sold and only receives royalties for one out of ten copies sold.

We have also found that the owner of Cool Publications is using three names to make his company sound a lot larger than it is and to make it seem he has more staff than he does. We have found that his staff revolves around himself and his three names that he uses and also his wife/partner who also uses different names. We have also found that he is making false claims of people that he has worked for and have also found that he is making false promises of opportunities that never materialised.

As mentioned we aim to let as many people know of the underhand tactics that are taking place and recommend that authors send their manuscripts to official honest organisations.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours Sincerely

Paul Manderson

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Contact Details = Paul

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