New tool transforms any regular website into a mobile website

Released on = May 24, 2005, 2:50 am

Press Release Author = Karl Wendy

Industry = Software

Press Release Summary = San Jose, USA. The mobile software company BlueBlitz introduces the module-based Website Mobilizer. This software emmpowers any business to add a mobile site to their existing regular internet site within only minutes. It
includes a form-based mobile site creator, a quiz creator, a slideshow creator, a mobile site emulator and much more. The Website Mobilizer is online-based and can be configured from any computer or mobile phone with internet-access.

Press Release Body = In the past, BlueBlitz has noticed that the mobile market lacks a software that helps businesses transfer their regular website onto a mobile website. Yet dozens of studies show that the mobile internet will become even more popular than the regular internet within just a few years. Karl Wendy Jr., PR Manager of BlueBlitz explains "Before this new era, if a company wanted to create a mobile site it meant hiring a programming team and paying them for weeks and months of development. The Website Mobilizer is a customizable package, which costs only a fraction and has a mobile site with several applications running in a few minutes. And let's not forget that it is extremely easy to handle. In fact, my 11year old nephew has created a mobile
website with a quiz, a slideshow and several pictures of his favorite basketball team. In 25 minutes."

The Website Mobilizer concept could be summarized in three steps: Customization, Configuration and Introduction. Customization: The business chooses which modules it wants to implement: Quiz, Voting, Slideshow, Mobile Community, Mobile Organizer,
Productainment or Mobile Shop. Following this selection, the business configures the content with the online-based content manager. The last step "Introduction" helps the business to make their new mobile site popular. The mobile emulator can be
integrated into the regular website and shows the customers your mobile site as they would see it on their mobile phone.

The BlueBlitz team has thought big and created a tool to help any business turn their regular website into a mobile site. The product is now available on, with the most basic modules starting a little above 100$.

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Contact Details = Karl Wendy
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61462 Koenigstein
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