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Released on: February 04, 2015, 2:00 pm (EST)
Industry: Education

NSW, Australia, February 04, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Academy Of Road Safety Pty Ltd, the industry leader in road safety, launched the website on 26 September 2014. Through this website, the company makes a pioneering move to help you become a safer driver today, no matter your age or experience level. The mission of the Academy of Road Safety is to provide all drivers with the skills, knowledge and experience required to ensure they are confident behind the wheel and safe on the roads.

The website provides information about several driving courses such as onroad lessons, free driving lesson, safer driving course, driver safety program, and corporate training. The academy serves every driver with the right driving skills, from simple driving tasks to the most advanced task being a three-point turn or reverse park. If all drivers were aware, then the road trauma that has severe effects on the people’s lives, the risk-taking behavior such as speeding, drinking and driving and mobile phones usage would also be reduced.

One can find complete schedule with day, date, time and cost of upcoming courses and can book online to learn this driving courses and program. Driving is the vital part of our lives and one of the high-risk activities completed on day to day basis. Our Skills-based training program has been loosely used to describe training that focuses solely on vehicle control skills particularly to deal with emergencies. One can also learn what to do in following circumstances:

• Something goes wrong behind the wheel
• How to perform an emergency stop
• Utilize their vehicle safety systems
• Remain in control of their vehicle

With a right driving skills every driver feels proud to be the owner of a driver’s license by passing the driving test. Accredited driver training providers like Academy of Road Safety have acknowledged this research and designed programs as per your needs. Our driving programs help you gain a more realistic view of your ability to drive and to recognize the risks of accidents. One can undertake Driver safety-training programs that can help drivers learn safe driving strategies in a planned way rather than relying on experience alone.

Our Programs have been developed in response to research and changing vehicle and safety technology. All our programs and refresher training ensures drivers are up to date with the latest information. We have designed out programs based on individual Behavior, attitude, awareness, motivation and skill. We help the drivers to realize their limitations through practical learning exercises. So join us now for safe driving.


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