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Released on: February 09, 2015, 9:07 am (EST)
Industry: Entertainment

Long Beach, CA, February 09, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The singer of hip-hop infused electronic dance music known as David Crown has released his latest single, “Girls.” In addition to the considerable talents of Crown, himself, the track also features the sonic styles of popular music icon Original Me. It is one of a pair of singles to be published by Crown in February 2015, the other being his new “Rehab” track, both of which are being independently released without the involvement of the corporate music industry.

Upbeat, pounding, and sure to inject copious amounts of adrenaline into any nightclub or dance party atmosphere, “Girls” by David Crown feat. Original Me is a track DJs everywhere should be paying attention to. An official David Crown music video for “Girls” has also been rumored to be due for distribution online in the near future.

David Crown is a top-shelf EDM and pop artist whose signature blend of hip hop and electronic dance music is unique and easy for new listeners to get into. His new pair of singles puts him in the same popular category of hit EDM legends that includes such international names as Calvin Harris, Avicii and David Guetta. DJs with the foresight to save a slot for Crown's new single won't be disappointed in the immediate positive response they get from the dance floor.

Crown is a Brooklyn, NYC native who has made a new home for himself in Los Angeles. He has been honing his craft as a lyricist and live performer of rap music for many years, and has the uncommon distinction of having already performed at New York's Madison Square Garden by the time he was a teen. As might be presumed from this, today his live show is considered one of his chief draws.

“Crown’s deep understanding of the business, along with his showmanship, are what sets him apart from most artists of his generation,” reads his current professional bio. “He has the strong ability to connect to his fans on a deeper level, whether through the conscious lyrics he conveys or his relatable persona. Crown is without a doubt an artist of the people.”

David Crown has been described variously as charismatic, daring and ambitious.

“Party hard or go home,” declares Crown on his official website.

“Girls” by David Crown is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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