Mother of Autistic Child Becomes Disability Champion

Released on: February 20, 2015, 11:12 am (EST)
Industry: Non Profit

Fayetteville, North Carolina, February 20, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Those whose voices are silent or unheard often need someone to give vocalization to their concerns, agitate for change and undergird them in their journey toward a maximized life. Katryna Hayes, a Junior League of Fayetteville member, and mother to an autistic child, has served as a volunteer court-appointed and trained Guardian ad litem for neglected and abused children. She also gives her love and gifts in the Special Needs ministry at Manna Church in her hometown of Fayetteville. Most recently she has accepted an appointment to the Disability Rights North Carolina Board of Directors.

Disability Rights North Carolina is a non-profit organization charged with protecting the rights of children and adults with disabilities living in the state. Their varied services and human resources are available free-of-charge to people with disabilities.

As a participant of Partners in Policymaking (PIP), Hayes has received extensive leadership and advocacy training. PIP advocates for parents of school-aged children and receive funds from the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities. With a heart of compassion for those who need support, Hayes has gained more tools to increase her impact on behalf of such persons.

Her own special education advocacy business was recently launched, and is in its infancy. She has served as a professional advocate for six years; been a voice for families and is a believer that all persons qualify for happy, fulfilled and productive lives. She elected the name Speak Up Advocacy for her advocacy business because it captures the type of call she avails herself to answer. She has discovered that so many pockets of society may not provide the best of attention to those in challenging situations. She's seen where advocacy assistance serves voiceless people in various scenarios; such as when obtaining a drivers' license, in pursuit of independent living, as consumers of goods and services and in schools and other institutions.

She grew up with a brother with Special Needs, and learned early on what a partner and advocate can do to ensure the appropriate outcomes for such people. She also grasped how powerful self-advocacy can be, and what legal resources, protections and remedies address the lives of varied disabled classes.

Katryna Hayes has an affinity with several other organizations, as follows:

Autism Speaks
COPPA Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates
COLORS Children's Organizations Linking Opportunities and Support
Girls, Inc.

To learn more about the impact Hayes is making in her area or to secure her services as a special education advocate or speaker, visit


Contact-Details: Shirley A. Hammond
8201 Brookriver Dr
Dallas, Tx 75247

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