Rock crew Kleen Respect release new LP album 'Swt Prinsus'

Released on: April 08, 2015, 6:06 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Long Beach, CA, April 08, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The rock group from Colorado known as Kleen Respect have released their newest LP album, “Swt Prinsus.” The LP has proudly been published as an independent release outside of the influence and control of the corporate music industry. “Swt Prinsus” contains 11 original tracks from Kleen Respect over an approximate total listening time of nearly one hour, making for a comprehensive introduction to this soulful crew for music fans not yet acquainted with their material. Written and performed with heartfelt intensity and a genuine love for the American rock spirit, “Swt Prinsus” is merely the latest from one of CO's most prolific music teams.

Kleen Respect cite as main artistic influences such legends as Peter Cetera (Chicago), Van Halen, Dave Matthews, U2, and Bryan Adams. Their own sound takes the best attributes of these and melds them into an amalgam that rings true to their own character, making for a fresh experience never before heard in any format, and a new kind of rock which emphasizes the strong interplay of earnest, highly stylized vocals joined with powerful, verve-charged electric guitar.

At the core of Kleen Respect is singer and songwriter JC Miller. Made complete by the playing of Dan Nelson and Mike Keys, the BMI-affiliated band bases its rich overtones on nonfictional themes, often romantic.

The band writes of this that “The message the 'SWT PRINSUS' album gives is one of total heart rock. It's about experiences JC Miller has had in love and life. It brings guitar, drums and vocals in all-original new music.”

Commenting on the earliest effects of their newest release, they write, “It gives you a rush of good feeling you want more and more of. It becomes addicting in a good way and your life becomes much more from listening to it. You love more, you live more while listening to Kleen Respect. Refreshingly awesome.”

The band's current official bio describes Kleen Respect as sung, written and produced by JC Miller and accompanied by Dan Nelson and Mike Keys. Their music has been played and favorited in the US, UK at Radio City Music Hall on the radio and as high as the Top-5 on Reverb. Their website sports no fewer than eight albums and no fewer than 10 official releases (links provided below).

“Swt Prinsus” by Kleen Respect is available online worldwide beginning 8 April 2015.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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