Back it on Kickstarter: Fantasy Film Fans, Bloggers, and Critics Give High Fives to ‘Mythica’ Fantasy Films

Released on: April 30, 2015, 10:47 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

“Mythica” fantasy film fans around the world are backing the Kickstarter crowd funding for the next film in the series. The “Mythica” fantasy films continue to win new fans, and win over the critics.

Provo, Utah, April 30, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The next film in the “Mythica” fantasy series from Arrowstorm Entertainment has over 1,000 backers and continues to grow as more and more fantasy fans discover the epic series. Even the bloggers and critics are singing praises.

“Our Kickstarter crowd funding campaign is gaining success because so many fantasy film fans have seen ‘Mythica: A Quest for Heroes’ and now they want to see ‘Mythica 2: The Dark Spore.’ Our Kickstarter campaign gives our fans the chance to per-purchase a digital copy, DVD, or Blue Ray of the next film in the series and be the first to see the next part of the epic story,” said Jason Faller, Arrowstorm executive producer.

Fantasy film fans can watch Mythica 1 for free at and then pre-purchase Mythica 2 at There are many additional incentives on the site, including executive producers and other credits.

There have been many praises for the fantasy film series. A review in TV Equals said: “And by ‘cool’ I mean an ‘if you considered ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ or ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ awesome then you’re alright by me’ kind of cool. It’s my kind of cool.

“I’m talking ‘Mythica: A Quest for Heroes.’ Arrowstorm Entertainment, purveyors of shoestring-budget fantasy (‘The Christmas Dragon,’ ‘Orc Wars’), may have stumbled onto a veritable treasure trove of talent, and they’re really showing it off with this Mythica trilogy (‘Mythica: The Darkspore’ and ‘Mythica: The Necromancer’ are in post-production and due for future release).”

Blogger Alex Bledsoe says: “Mythica is lush: the interiors bristle with detail, and the lighting makes the most of the atmosphere. The music is suitably exciting. The script, by Jason Faller, director Anne Black, and producer Kynan Griffin, pulls together a rich fantasy world. And the CGI is particularly good for an indie fantasy.”

And The Faith Geek says: “The movie starts well and continues with strong scenes throughout. I didn’t find myself wondering when it was over, but rather, how much more of it did I get to enjoy. The dialogue worked in every scene, nothing felt forced or phoned in. Each actor seemed committed to their role and it showed through in their acting. By the time I was done watching, I was sold on each one of them.”

Jason Faller
Arrowstorm Entertainment
Provo, Utah

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