Bay Area rapper Kee Beez releases new single 'Lace Tracks'

Released on: April 13, 2015, 6:06 pm (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Long Beach, CA, April 13, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The rapper and songwriter from the Bay Area known as Kee Beez has released his latest hip-hop single, “Lace Tracks.” The official Kee Beez single has been proudly published on the Da Kee Records independent music label without the involvement of the mainstream corporate music industry. Boasting rhymes and lines that cut sharper than a razor and bass-filled back beats that thump harder than a pile driver, the “Lace Tracks” single proves that Kee Beez is more than simply ready for the big time – he's an example of the very best hip hop that the West Coast has to offer.

“Lace Tracks” mastermind rapper, Kee Beez, has been called the San Francisco Bay Area's leading rap artist by music sources online. Known largely for his popular LP record album, “Ball Eagle,” Kee Beez has been making a strident move forward in the underground hip-hop scene with the official release of his new single. His “Ball Eagle” LP has been turning heads since 2012 with prominently featured singles like “Money Around Here,” “Love My Shine,” and perennial favorite, “Now,” which features a guest appearance by Lady J.

The themes of Kee Beez's music revolve around both social and autobiographical events. His own youth informs his writing and supplies him with all the material he needs to make rap music well into the next century.

“I never knew exactly what I wanted out of life, but I always knew it was more than what I saw around me growing up in Richmond, CA,” Beez, himself, writes of this. “As a youngster I didn't grow up with all the blessings other children had, which inspired me to do more. I was unfortunately handed a bad hand early, and got into a bit of trouble with my childhood peers, but I've changed.”

Kee Beez is quick to mention that these personal changes followed in the wake of his father, whom Beez cared about deeply.

“It started in 2008 after the passing of my father (RIP),” Beez writes. “I renewed my commitment as an artist, businessman, and better person overall.”

“Lace Tracks” by Kee Beez is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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