Nutrabolics Launches Re-branded Labels to Complete Phase Two of Their 2015 Brand Evolution

Released on: April 23, 2015, 4:36 pm (EDT)
Industry: Sports

Vancouver, BC, April 23, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- It was an exciting week for the Canadian supplement brand Nutrabolics® as they proceeded to launch their newly evolved branding. Back in February of this year Nutrabolics® released an updated logo that hinted at a new direction with a technology-heavy emphasis. After weeks of waiting, consumers can now get a complete look at the next generation supplements that will be redefining the 13 year old company.

Tilted at a mind-bending 45 degrees and infused with a futuristic / tech aesthetic, Nutrabolics® has aimed for maximum visual impact with its new bottle wraps. Compared to the matte black and foil second gen labels, Nutrabolics® appears to have harnessed the full potential of their signature yellow colour with a pronounced yellow panel and circuitry design. What really hits home though is the gorgeous texturized surface Nutrabolics® has applied to its new design, which feels fantastic to hold.

Nestled snugly within the new design are brand new callouts announcing the reformulated benefits of each product, including a nod to athletes on strict supplementation plans with their "Gluten-Free" and "Zero Artificial Colours" claims. In another admirable and very progressive move, Nutrabolics® has opted for 100% transparent formulas, allowing consumers to see individual ingredient amounts within its products.

"We've reloaded our entire supplement line for a new age of advanced athletes that know real performance when they see it," says Marketing Director, Dean Maier. "The tech-inspired elements at the core of our new labels are a representation of the ever-progressive arc of research, innovation, and quality that we continue to aspire for as a brand. Between the sweeping reformulations and modern visual details we think our customers are going to be very impressed."

New products will begin rolling out in several North American retailers this May 2015, starting with Nutrabolics'® fat-burning stack: Thermal XTC and Carnibolic. Nutrabolics will release more details about re-branded and brand new products in the coming months.

Contact-Details: Jenny Song
Nutrabolics Inc.
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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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