Future “Commons” City Exchange System with Ouishare Fest 2015 and Mass Mosaic

Released on: May 18, 2015, 6:41 am (EDT)
Industry: Financial

Paris, France, May 18, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Mass Mosaic (massmosaic.com) and Ouishare Fest 2015 (ouisharefest.com) have partnered to prototype the exchange system for a city commons. The partnership will use Mass Mosaics p2p software and the 1000 collaborative economy visionaries at the festival to bring resources together for personal and collective benefit.

This is a micro-city technology prototype will show how a city in the future could run based on giving improved “access” to shared resources, while still letting innovation and profit co-exist.

“We believe this is a groundbreaking opportunity to see if our cities can function more like an ecosystem. We are building a commons from very conscious people, with the hope it will help everyone live, work, and play more freely.” said Rob Jameson, Executive Chief of Mass Mosaic.

OuiShare Fest is Europe’s largest collaborative exchange festival. The experiment lives online at https://massmosaic.com/groups/213/view/ouishare-commons and at the festival in person as well. Attendees and speakers for the event can exchange before, during and after the three-day festival.

In addition, this partnership allows anyone remotely located around the world to exchange at the festival as well. Anyone can post anything they Want or Have to exchange with others, building the commons and collaborative economy movements. The only rule is the exchange must not include money.

“OuiShare Fest is a platform, that brings together diverse people, ideas and projects around the collaborative society” Francesca Pick, Chair of Ouishare Fest explained how the Mass Mosaic technology provided an excellent platform for exchange at OuiShare Fest, “enabling participants to connect with each other to share assets, knowledge and skills is a crucial part of the Fest experience”

The Ouishare Commons will be able to be interacted with at the Ouishare Fest event itself, as well as being available on web and mobile @ ouishare.massmosaic.com and http://2015.ouisharefest.com/join#_prepare

About Mass Mosaic
Mass Mosaic is an exchange network that lets you access anything through community. There is a hidden abundance within our personal, communal, and global worlds that is waiting to be unlocked. Mass Mosaic builds the tools to make this connection possible.
Right now the website is being used to help Commons form in different scenarios around the world.

About Ouishare Fest
OuiShare Fest is a three-day festival about the collaborative economy, taking place at the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris from May 20-22, 2015.

In its 3rd year, the event will gather 1000 people to explore the future of movements such as collaborative consumption, open source, makers and fablabs, coworking, crowdfunding, alternative currencies and horizontal governance - movements that are transforming cities, organizations and civic action worldwide.

Contact-Details: Eric Doriean - eric@massmosaic.com

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