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Released on: May 18, 2015, 6:31 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

“As the war on terror becomes more prevalent, the U.S. Government assigns an undisclosed team of Agents with no civil liberty restrictions, in an effort to take down the lone wolf terrorists.”

Philadelphia, PA, May 18, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Inspiring up and coming screenwriter William H. Holla is turning to the Internet to raise funds for his latest featured project titled, LONE WOLF UNIT, TV-Pilot.

The most puzzling and unpredictable forms of terrorism are the violent acts committed by single individuals. These lone wolf types are a nightmare for local police and the intelligence community as they are extremely difficult to detect and defend against. We may feel America is stronger and more resilient with the strengthening of homeland security methods, but threats from terrorist individuals known as the lone wolf persist and continue to evolve each day.

SYNOPSIS: The Lone Wolf Unit is an unofficial subsection of the (C.I.P.) Critical Infrastructure Protection Agency, deployed by executive order in an effort to combat lone wolf individuals. In this concept drama, a crack team of Agents fly from Washington DC to the focal points of their dangerous subjects. There they analyze, compose and immediately terminate the threat. Team leader in charge of the unit, Special Agent Mitch Dobbs has the most difficult decision of making the call to terminate a lone wolf subject. Psychic medium and a more by the book, Agent Cynthia Culp struggles with the Agency’s primary objective, while Agent Darren Coleman and Agent Zane Potter are reluctant participants in the Agency’s unconventional methods. The sapient Agent Oliver Choi is great on everything except relationships and his 3D virtual assistant Penelope who can access the NSA secure database can be a charm. The unit is also being advised by the nation’s top psychologist, Dr. Dennis Lawlor and ex-CIA operative Agent Hilary Wessel.

Because of the sensitive nature of the work conducted by the Lone Wolf Unit- the work being time consuming and psychologically demanding may result in some members not being able to maintain happy or stable family structure. Psychological analyses entails anticipating a lone wolf subject’s next step before they act. The range of measures used in the field are designed to stop planned attacks, get threats off the streets and criminalize the promotion of lone wolf terrorism. However, cooperation with local authorities is not required, but often poses jurisdictional and other problems as the Lone Wolf Unit operates with no restrictions.

Besides great entertainment, getting Lone Wolf Unit TV-show on air will help inform the public on ways to combat these lone wolf individuals, deter some from acting out such violence and it gives Americans hope for the better.

Besides DHS and law enforcement, citizens, businesses and communities should be on high alert and aware of the threat detection methods and prevention. Protecting the United States is a shared responsibility by every American citizen who can contribute any information to prevent any harm against the homeland. Now with the unstable political feared climate of domestic terrorism constantly increasing, the U.S. government puts together an unofficial elite team of federal agents called the Lone Wolf Unit to combat this growing epidemic.
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