Foamlinx LLC Invests in large CNC Routers to Support the Growing Demand for Prototyping Services

Released on: June 22, 2015, 6:47 am (EDT)
Industry: Industrial

Sunnyvale, CA, June 22, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Foamlinx LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of CNC foam cutting machinery in California is extending its services to include foam prototyping for various types of industries, to assist companies in designing new products, in implementing changes to existing products and in pre-production evaluation. Foamlinx has invested in new machinery specifically suitable for creating large prototypes and has purchased several designs of CNC routers all capable of machining and fabricating foam projects up to 16ft.

Industries such as construction, architecture, packaging, medical, aeronautics, robotics, automotive and aerospace can now obtain a fast and creative solution to prototyping dilemmas from Foamlinx thanks to its latest investment in innovative and modern technology. These CNC routers purchased allow for the prototyping process to be faster, shortening the time required to complete the machining process as well as being able to produce the prototypes in one unit rather than multiple sections. These foam cutting machines are operated by a CAD/CAM 3D drawing files, such as STEP, STL, IGES and similar. A spindle is used to mill the foam in order to create the 3D shape desired with high precision cutting skills. These routers along with Foamlinx’ CNC hot wire foam cutters allow a fast turn-around process and pre-production run for its customers.

When a company designs a new product they have to first prove that it can work in the real world, if it can withstand any forces and pressure put on it and if it fits. That is where prototyping enters the picture. Companies will prefer creating a preliminary model, test and evaluate it, make necessary changes and modifications to it, redesign and create a second model if necessary, all prior to launching production. This whole process is called prototyping and can be done using a CNC router, a CNC hot wire foam cutter or a 3D printer. According to Foamlinx manufacturing manager, high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as well as Polyurethane tooling foam both make a good choice for prototypes.

James Piazza, a manufacturing and QA manager at Foamlinx commented: “The addition of these machines to our family will drastically improve our capabilities and our abilities in accommodating any prototyping, milling and machining request no matter how large scale it is. He continued adding “It will also improve our project efficiency and will allow us to include large prototyping productions run for research companies, medical, aerospace and military”. Foamlinx acknowledges the fact that prototyping has become more and more critical and necessary in recent years, as the pace of new product development has accelerated significantly.
In instances where the prototyping model needs to be very precise or customized to very accurate details, Foamlinx uses 3D printers which create solid objects using additive process. Tal, Foamlinx owner says the 3D printers are the next big thing. “It enables us, the manufacturer to produce models that are identical to the digital designed part. The printed object will be very close to the mass produced parts”.

The addition of prototyping services at Foamlinx LLC is an important and significant step. It will save their customers unnecessary time and costs currently spent on design, research and development. By creating a prototype the customer is able to examine the model, catch mistakes done at early stages, correct and modify it and evaluate if designs criteria are met, all prior to mass manufacturing.

About the Company:
Foamlinx LLC is a designer and manufacturer of its own line of CNC foam cutting machines, including CNC hot wire foam cutters and CNC routers. Through its subsidiary company, WeCutFoam it provides custom foam cutting, machining and prototyping. With engineers and artist on board, the company creates props, dimensional signs, letters, logo, museums and trade shows exhibits, theater and movie sets, architectural shapes, hobby models, sculptures, monuments, events decoration, prototypes, molds, mockups, airfoils and wings. They also provide 3D scanning, sanding, coating, carving and painting. Projects can range from few inches and up to full scale and more, including live size airplanes, boats, UAVs, trucks, cars and more. For information and quotes email us at or call (408) 454-6163

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