Jennifer Austin releases debut LP 'Take Me With You'

Released on: June 23, 2015, 3:15 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Long Beach, CA, June 23, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Singer-songwriter of pop, dance, and electronic music Jennifer Austin has released her debut full-length album, “Take Me With You.”

This standout pop and dance album features 11 Jennifer Austin original tracks for an approximate playtime of 40 minutes.

Austin's music is fresh, international, and original. Her ballads are iced with raw, powerful vocal colors layered with sonic textures that reflect artistic integrity. Rejecting the modern use of a digital auto-tuner, Austin's singing is real and revealing in a way that draws in the listener. Her title track, “Take Me With You,” showcases simple and elegant lyrics that portray emotions which pull the listener into her world.

The album has dramatic contrasts and stark “catwalk” tracks like “Got It Going On” which bring the fun of dance and fashion into view – one can almost see the catwalk and models parading.

Upbeat, booming with bass and graced with a kaleidoscope of elegant vocal melodies, “Take Me With You” by Jennifer Austin is a pop record for all fans of sonic fun around the world.

Jennifer Austin, originally from Southern California but residing now in New Zealand, cites as main artistic influences only the most titanic of performers.

“I was always a fan of larger-than-life artists such as Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, and Britney Spears,” she writes.

Unlike the music of most pop performers, Austin doesn't shy away from the public spotlight. Rather than hiding details of her personal life, this new album is both of an introspective and intimate nature.

She writes of her “Take Me With You” album, “This is a snapshot of my life and the message I want to share is: be you, whether it's a fun side of yourself or more vulnerable – it's still a part of who you are. It's an album that I hope people will connect with because these songs are a journey throughout my life and everyone has a journey they all go on.”

Jennifer Austin's songs on “Take Me With You” are all originals, the singer herself having penned all of them either alone or in collaboration with prominent New-Zealand-based writers, mPHAtic and Kevin Mark Trail (formerly of The Streets).

“I have always loved singing and performing,” writes Austin. “It's what my life is about. I've always been in a choir – whether it be in church or school, acting in plays and musicals throughout my life. I am inspired by going to musicals, theater and concerts starting from a very young age. I continue to pursue my passion for music and acting as a career.”

Though these may seem like lofty goals, Austin's already well on her way to the top. As a healthy sign of this, her music recently garnered attention from Auckland's prominent boutique magazine, Verve (link provided below).

Jennifer Austin's music is showcased by NZ's own indie label that could, Li'l Dog Records, whose mission statement on their official Facebook page reads: “Li'l Dog Records New Zealand is dedicated to releasing New Zealand's music to the world. There are talented musicians and singers in New Zealand who just need an opportunity to be heard. Li'l Dog Records wants to help them succeed.”

“Take Me With You” is Published on the Li'l Dog Records New Zealand independent New Zealand, produced by mPHATic and Mastered by Simon Lynch from Stebbings New Zealand.

“Take Me With You” by Jennifer Austin is available online worldwide. Please go to Li'l Dog Records' Facebook page to message
for your territory.

This is one album you will want to take with you.


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