Announces Support For The Canadian Online Photography Community - “500px”

Released on: June 29, 2015, 8:07 am (EDT)
Industry: Internet & Online

Bellevue, Washington, June 29, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Cloudsfer is once again on the move to dominate this industry. Their recent announcement that they can support migration of content to and from 500px is welcome news to photographers all over the Globe. Now it will be a simple matter to migrate 500px to and from cloud-services like Google Drive, BOX, DropBox and others. Backup and distribute content on different services. Share content with friends on any service. Cloudsfer has re-established and rewritten the procedures for security while performing a top-level secured migration between differing platforms. Their automated-system handles each batch with utmost care, from each individual file to each packet, ensuring that none of the data will be lost or damaged and guaranteeing a transfer that is secure and free of errors.

Clients will have the ability to hook-up with many more new sources, and target cloud systems, for example: OwnCloud based systems, HiDrive, Storage Made Easy, DriveHQ and much more. What this means is that now customers can Migrate their files to the cloud services, like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, and yet others. Backup and distribute content on several services. Share with buddies on any service, or plan a backup or migration plan.

Considered an Administration-level user Migration, Cloudsfer comes with an automated framework that processes every batch completely, and all of the individual files in each packet. This is a guaranteed methodology to make sure that no data is going to be lost or broken and guarantees a transfer that's risk and error free. Exactly what the Cloudsfer team has been doing is rewrite the methods for safety when performing a hassle-free migration between different platforms.

Even if space is quickly diminishing, or there may be 100's, or perhaps 1000's of files to push, all that is required is to distribute the files throughout a vast network of cloud service providers: Facebook, Instagram, Box, DropBox, GDrive, OneDrive, 500PX, Office 365 and so forth - using Cloudsfer to retain complete charge of the information. Cloudsfer was created by Tzunami Corporation., the premier provider of SharePoint Migration solutions, and leaders from the content migration initiative within the enterprise market for over a decade. The system is built to be simple to use. No user information is saved on their own servers, nor are qualifications saved. Access could be suspended anytime, and also the entire product is dependent on SSL Methods.

For complete information, please visit:

Contact-Details: Roey Ladelsky
VP of Sales
245 Park Ave
New York, NY

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