Announces Support For Barracuda’s “Copy”

Released on: July 23, 2015, 4:22 pm (EDT)
Industry: Software

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, July 23, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Cloudsfer is relentless in their quest to increase their support of all of the popular systems that enable users to sync, protect, and share their files and folders. Barracuda’s Copy has become quite popular with over 5 million users. It was only natural for Cloudsfer to enable support for Copy. As the number of supported systems grows, so does the customer base of Cloudsfer, the global leader in file migration service providers. It is a simple task to backup and distribute content on different services. Top-level secured migration between differing platforms have become a very secure process due to the fact that Cloudsfer has re-established and rewritten the procedures for security.

Cloudsfer makes it hassle-free to share content with friends on any service. Each batch is handled with professional expertise through their automated system. None of the data can be lost or damaged marking a transfer that will be free of error and also secure. Many clients are taking advantage of Cloudsfer’s ability to Migrate files to a variety of Cloud services, such as: Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, Picasa, Microsoft Azure, FTP, Flickr, MEGA, Office 365, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Facebook, Instagram, 500PX, Zip file and others. Clients now have the capability to interact with many more new sources, and target cloud systems, for example: OwnCloud based systems, HiDrive, Storage Made Easy, DriveHQ and much more.

Cloudsfer is classified as an Administration level user Migration, and includes a framework that is fully automated and will batch-process completely including all of the individual files in each packet. Their established protocols ensure that no data is going to be lost or broken and guarantees a transfer that's risk and error free. As space quickly diminishes, or there may be a need to push 100's, or maybe even 1000's of files, an easy solution is to distribute the files throughout a vast network of Cloudsfer’s supported service providers. Cloudsfer was created by Tzunami Corporation, the premier provider of SharePoint Migration solutions, and leaders from the content migration initiative within the enterprise market for over a decade. The system is built to be simple to use. No user information is saved on their servers, nor are qualifications saved. Access could be suspended anytime, and also the entire product is dependent on SSL Methodology.

For complete information, please visit:

Contact-Details: West Coast: Seattle
601, 108th Ave NE Suite 1900
Bellevue, WA 98004 United States
Phone: 1 425 646 7367
Fax: 1 646 349 3674

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