Natural-News: Wisdom of Nature Announces MacroLife Naturals!

Released on: July 16, 2015, 3:49 pm (EDT)
Industry: Food & Beverage

Tampa, Florida, July 16, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- From creating a space for healthy and dependable goods to serving as a leader for valuable nutrition education, Wisdom of Nature (WON) Marketplace is zealously committed to partnering with the world’s absolute best, health-conscious business leaders in order to speed the creation of a truly eco-friendly and healthy future for all. It’s also the reason that the WON Marketplace team is eager to announce an incredible new partner for the online marketplace: MacroLife Naturals!

Since 1997, The MacroLife Naturals brand has been dedicated to providing customers with fresh, fruity, organic tastes with proven health benefits. Their first product was created by fitness expert and celebrity, Sylvia Ortiz, who wanted to help her own son to lose weight and regain optimum health. As a result, all of the ingredients that are found in MacroLife Natural products today are natural, vegan and completely free of both gluten and GMO’s. The products effectively serve as a an yummy, high quality resource for individuals seeking healthy supplements on the journey to a better body.
MacroLife Naturals is excited to bring their best and most popular products for healthy nutrition to the world via the WON Marketplace, e-Commerce website.

One of MacroLife Naturals most satisfying product options is the ‘Chocolate Cinnamon Macro Green Bars’ (View it on WON Marketplace: These incredibly appetizing nutrition bars are fortified with Macro Greens superfood powders and are naturally, nutrient rich. Key ingredients include brazil nuts, dates, rice protein, cacao powder, beet roots, carrots and yummy agave nectar. The bars serve as a great nutritional choice for individuals who are looking for tools that will both satisfy their palate and serve their physical fitness or general health goals. Such are the selections available for shoppers via the WON Marketplace website from dependable distributors across the globe. Together with MacroLife Naturals and other business leaders the world may collectively celebrate on the journey to healthier bodies and a greener planet.

Find MacroLife Naturals on WON Marketplace at:

About Wisdom of Nature Marketplace:
What makes Wisdom of Nature different? We believe that knowledge gives us the ability to make healthier choices for ourselves. That’s why, in the Wisdom of Nature Marketplace not only will you be able to shop for the finest natural products on the market – for every product on our site, you’ll be able to click on each ingredient in each product to learn about them via our fact page, empowering you to decide for yourself what's healthy for YOU.

Shop at to grow wiser and learn to live healthier!

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