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Released on: August 28, 2015, 5:40 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

NSW, Australia, August 28, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- With the changing time, life has changed and so has the changed the need of living style. Driving is one such aspect of life, which can be now considered as bare essential to live. If a person knows driving, then he has achieved partial victory in the race of life. But everything comes in a package. Knowing driving and understanding the aspect of safe driving is totally different fundamentals.

With the tremendous success of Onroad driving school in Sydney, we are pleased to announce the launch of safer driver course throughout Sydney. The safer Driver course is designed with one of its kind training solution as Onroad is affiliated with Road and Maritime Services. This course will be conducted by experts in the field with and highly experienced staff members of Onroad.

We have always been on the side of safety and security of drivers and family. With this course, we are getting an opportunity to convey our message of road safety with perfectly designed driving course, which was not possible during one on one training sessions.

Taking safer drivers course is also a benefit for the one, who are enrolling in it. Participants of the Safer driver course will be accredited with 20 log book hours after completion of course. In a way, a total benefitted solution that learner has to worry about other 100 log book hours only with total knowledge of safe driving. To add to it, participants will also get the benefit of 3 log book hours for every hour attended for driving lessons.

With already set a price by RMS for the safer driver course, participants have to pay $140 fixed amount. In this course, our trainers are trained by RMS and Onroad has taken personal care of providing expertise in safety, while designing the course. To enrich the client experience, we have added Keys 2 Drive free driving lessons with the course. This course is available in almost all suburbs of Sydney.

The course is divided in two sections, module 1 and module 2. Our Module 1 course is taken on a monthly basis in all Suburbs of Sydney. Module 2 is delivered at an ease and convenience of the learner.

To enroll for the course, you can call us on 98633555
Or login to our website to book online
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About Onroad and Safer Driver Course
With safety as our priority, Onroad has always tried to communicate lessons with the most secure way of driving, but the limitations were always there with one on one training. To communicate our ideology of safe driving, we have come up with an approved safe driving course with added benefits, approval and accreditation from RMS. With 20 highly experienced and trained driving instructors, you are now set to take the maximum benefits of driving lessons and with happy and safe driving practices.


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