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Released on: August 12, 2015, 2:33 pm (EDT)
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Tampa, FL, August 12, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Wholesale distributors and retailers will need solid software support for their physical and online operations in order to meet modern consumer demands. To help make this transition easier than ever, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. is announcing an exclusive discount on the popular SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System for America’s small and midsized businesses (SME’s). Discover more below.

Top Quality Data | SAP Business One:
Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. is announcing an exclusive discount on the popular SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System to make the transition into the digital business arena more affordable for America’s growing small and midsized enterprise (SME) leaders and teams. Increasingly, wholesale distributors and retailers will need such solid software support for their physical and online (e-Commerce and m-Commerce) operations in order to meet modern consumer demands.

E-Commerce is one of the most revolutionary strategies for distributors to sell their products to customers around the world without incurring all of the costs associated with maintaining a physical storefront. But many business leaders may make the mistake of keeping e-Commerce platforms separate from invaluable ERP systems. This creates information silos and lacks the advantages of working with integrated data. Fortunately, the SAP Business One ERP System can seamlessly integrate with your business’ e-Commerce platform to eliminate information silos and increase internal productivity. For example with SAP ERP, web sales orders can be integrated in real time with back office operations, so that your team can instantly track the orders and complete order fulfillment processing, faster than ever. By further unifying SAP Software with e-Commerce and operations enterprise-wide, human resource involvement can be significantly reduced and the consequent cost-savings can be applied to expansion efforts for measurable business growth.

According to a recent news article regarding the wholesale distribution industry, “Many distributors don't realize that losing a few percents of revenue due to not participating in e-Commerce can add up quickly and may end up being 10 to 15 percent of lost revenue after four or five years. And that’s a strong current to swim against” (Source).

Reports relevant to both retailers and distributors from the Wall Street Journal shed additional light on this issue. As one article explained, “E-commerce retailers are starting to add smaller, urban warehouses to their supply chains as the pace of online shopping and delivery transforms distribution demands. You need to expand and make your supply chain much more complex if you want to be able to promise and deliver on that same-hour, same-day or overnight delivery everyone is coming to expect” (Source). Merging the power of e-Commerce with the SAP Business One platform, enables distribution leaders to get streamlined and tackle these supply chain issues with confidence.

Common Challenges for Small and Midsize Companies:
Manage massive quantities of data from customers and within the company, itself
Communicate valuable business information from disparate departments with clarity
Deliver orders on-time, consistently in order to provide a positive customer experience

Online Business Management | SAP Business One:
According to a case study sponsored by Melissa Data Corp, “To keep communication open, the city of Tempe, Arizona delivers thousands of mail pieces to its residents each week and was in desperate need of significantly cutting down on inaccurate and incomplete address records in their database. Tempe was able to validate addresses to the highest level of accuracy”. You can face your own unique data quality challenges and improve the value of your enterprise data with SAP Business One (SAP B1), today.

Key Points for SME Distributors:
Self- Service: Allow your customer to independently view available inventory, order status and shipping information to reduce costs of operations and improve customer satisfaction

Internal Productivity: Streamline business processes and decrease workloads by reducing human resource involvement in basic operations, such as processing web sales orders and delivering information to delivery teams
Control Overall Operations: Integrate ERP with e-Commerce to provide business owners and investors with real-time data for a more competitive advantage

SAP Silver Partner and VAR, Cornerstone is seeking to connect directly with those small and midsize business teams that are committed to creativity, growth and sustainability through data-driven advantages and installation of the best available business software solutions. Solutions, such as the exclusively discounted SAP Business One ERP System. SME teams and and other interested organizations can quickly and easily learn all about SAP Business One (SAP B1), Cornerstone’s promotion and any related business technologies by calling Certified SAP Consultant and V.P., Elle Mullaney directly at 727-421-7314.

For more information:
Directly Contact: Eleanor Mullaney, V.P. of Marketing
727-421-7314 (cell) or 813-321-1300 Ext. 2787 (office)

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