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Released on: September 16, 2015, 2:48 am (EDT)
Industry: Management

Tampa, FL, September 16, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- One of Tampa Bay’s longest running and most respected software and business efficiency team’s, Cornerstone Consulting is announcing a discount on their fastest-selling business management software solutions: The SAP Business One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System. The purpose of this limited-time offer is to grant small and midsize enterprise (SME) business leaders throughout the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater metropolitan area (Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties) access to the most essential business resource of the twenty-first century. This is a team that is in sync with the direction and demands of the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industry. That’s why they’re now shaving a full ten percent off SAP #ERP for just such SME’s all across the nation.

Distribution Direction | SAP Business One ERP:
SAP Business One ERP is being discounted right now for American SME’s that choose to seek out Cornerstone Consultants for their business software and management resources. This team is most experienced and partial towards working with those companies that are involved in or with ties to wholesale distribution, manufacturing, professional service and e-Commerce industries. That is, our nation’s core economic drivers who lead the way with innovation and growth for the future in mind, as they work to share the high quality products and services that are celebrated all across the globe. This encompasses the teams that manufacture and distribute much-needed foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, games, toys, sporting goods, beauty products, health care equipment, basic tools and all of the things that enable communities everywhere to thrive. Now with SAP Business One ERP, the distributors of these goods and services can grow as well and prepare for a rapidly approaching, digitally-driven, business future. The key elements of which, heavily involve greater business automation and integration.

“To be sure, many of the things knowledge workers do today will soon be automated. Machines will allow us to take on tasks that are superior — more sophisticated, more fulfilling, better suited to our strengths” (Source). For today’s wholesale distributors business automation and integration will be absolutely essential over the course of the coming decade, simply to keep up with global competitors and rapidly rising customer expectations (faster deliveries, etc.). Customers will expect opportunities to shop online, track and receive deliveries overnight and get answers to important questions about their favorite products, faster than ever. They will expect to have their needs met by faster distribution teams, organized manufacturers and highly informed, customer-oriented businesses. They will expect more. That could mean everything from beginning to seek out solutions for advanced barcodes (RFID, double layer barcodes, etc.) and EDI (electronic data interchange) to full or partial warehouse automation. That means that distributors and their business partners will need to implement most supportive and reliable foundations for this digital future, such as the SAP Business One ERP not later, but today.

How SAP ERP Optimizes Wholesale Distribution:
1. Business Analytics: “Analytics technology and business intelligence (BI) tools are critical components to inventory management. BI tools take the guesswork out of when to buy and how much product businesses should stock by providing comprehensive analytics reports that present inventory data in an easy-to-read format so manufacturers can drill down and identify problem areas that require further investigation” (Source).
2. Inventory Control: “The majority of good quality small business inventory software will be compatible with handheld devices, and the majority of this software will be offered at a reasonable price. Even, startups will be able to manage their inventory efficiently and affordably” (Source).
3. Warehouse Management: “Manage inventory across multiple warehouses in real-time and maintain cost-effective production. Small business software can help you track and record stock movements, optimize inventory levels, improve on-time delivery, and even make stock-outs a thing of the past.” (Source).

Get Digital With SAP ERP:
SAP Business One ERP will collect, analyze and integrate data from all core business departments (financial accounting, sales, distribution, manufacturing and more) to grant leaders valuable business insight in real-time. The system is also mobile and tablet capable for business on-the-go. Most significantly SAP ERP is a scalable solution that can serve as the foundation for a more integrated and automated operation.

If you’re progressive and attentive to the future of your business and are seeking proven software solutions to enhance your operations, Cornerstone has the answer. Learn how to optimize your operations with affordably discounted, state-of-the-art software and technologies, including software add-ons (EDI and more). Be proactive. Seek progress. Call us at 727-421-7314 and get details on SAP Business One ERP Software, today.

A Point for SME’s Everywhere:
SAP Partner and VAR, Cornerstone is seeking to connect directly with those small and midsize business teams that are committed to creativity, growth and sustainability through data-driven advantages and installation of the best available business software solutions. Solutions, such as the exclusively discounted SAP Business One ERP System. SME teams and and other interested organizations can quickly and easily learn all about SAP Business One ERP, Cornerstone’s promotion and any related business technologies by calling Certified SAP Consultant and V.P., Elle Mullaney directly at 727-421-7314.

For more information:
Directly Contact: Eleanor Mullaney, V.P. of Marketing
727-421-7314 (cell) or 813-321-1300 Ext. 2787 (office)

10% Discount For SAP Business One ERP Software Systems:
For a limited time Cornerstone is offering a 10% discount on SAP Business One ERP software. Call Small and Midsize SAP Systems Consultant, Eleanor Mullaney at 727-421-7314 for details today!

About SAP Business One Software:
All business leaders understand the importance of reliable management and growth strategies but many of the markets available resources are either too weak or unreliable for their needs. Fortunately with SAP Business One, these problems are eliminated. Because the software was designed specifically with our nation’s small and midsize teams in mind. It works perfectly to streamline operations, improve managerial processes and integrate data for enterprise-wide insight. The software connects all departments (accounting, inventory, sales, customer services, warehouse management, distribution, reporting and more) in one database. The complete, integrated core functionality provides you with everything you need for better business processing from the get-go. SAP Business One not only offers small business teams the ability to quickly improve daily business operations and access to real-time data for better business insight. It also comes at a price that is fantastically affordable. Business barriers can be broken down and measurable growth is achievable with the SAP Software System, today.

SAP Business One and related offerings are competitively priced for small to mid-sized businesses, in conjunction with the numerous value-added services designed to cut costs and increase productivity.

Headquartered in Tampa, FL at 5550 W. Executive Drive, Cornerstone V.P. Eleanor Mullaney can be reached directly at 813-321-1300 Ext. 2787. For further information about our company visit

For more information:
Eleanor Mullaney
Vice President of Marketing
727-421-7314 (cell) or 813-321-1300 Ext. 2787 (office)
Cornerstone Consulting, Inc.
5550 W. Executive Drive, Suite 240
Tampa, Florida 33609

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