Cyber Host Pro Strengthens Its UK VPS Packages

Released on: September 14, 2015, 9:47 am (EDT)
Industry: Internet & Online

Exchange Flags, Liverpool, September 14, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Cyber Host Pro strengthens its UK VPS packages for the benefit of its growing number of clients across the United Kingdom, even in mainland Europe and the United States. The tech company provides its clients with advanced hardware and software, excellent customer support, and outstanding performance, reliability and security.

With its stronger virtual private server (VPS) services, Cyber Host Pro aims to attract new clients and keep its current clients highly satisfied. The Liverpool-based tech company offers several advantages over its competitors including 1Gbit uplink, Onapp-powered, CPanel or Plesk available, and Windows or Linux servers as well as no contracts, among others.

Businesses benefit from a better VPS because it provides for more stability, security and reliability for web hosting; more control and access to the environment in comparison with shared hosting; and more eco-friendly technology and efficient use of resources, as well as easy scalability. With these benefits, Cyber Host Pro is a popular cost-efficient, results-effective, and user-responsive solution for small websites.

Potential clients can choose from four packages depending on their budget, technology and business requirements especially in terms of scalability. These packages are:

Bronze, the basic package that comes with 2GB RAM, 30GB VPS SSD disk space, 500GB bandwidth limits, and optional VPS backups on 1 CPU.

Silver, the next upgrade with 3GB RAM< 75GB VSP disk space, 1TB bandwidth, and optional VPS backups with 2 CPU limit.

Gold, the more powerful VPS package with 6GB RAM, 100GB VSP disk space, 1.5TB bandwidth, and optional VSP backups with a 5 CPU limit.

Platinum, the most powerful VPS package with its 10GB RAM, 9 CPU limit, 150GB VSP disk space limit, and 2.5TB bandwidth as well as optional VPS backup.

Cyber Host Pro experts are on hand to provide reliable information about the features and functions for each package. Potential clients are strongly advised to thoroughly discuss their options with the staff before making their decision, thus, contributing to the best value for their money.

Clients of Cyber Host Pro enjoy several benefits that keep them satisfied with the VPS packages. The server resources, such as RAM, IP address, and CPU, are fully dedicated to the machine for the best 24/7 performance possible. The upgrades are easy to accomplish with no loss of data and no restarts while the cloud server eliminates reliance on a single hypervisor.

Cyber Host Pro also uses the latest Dell Servers, which are considered among the fastest technologies in the industry today. Backups on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis are also possible. For more info visit

Contact-Details: 5th Floor, Horton House,
Exchange Flags, Liverpool,
L2 4PF, United Kingdom
Phone 08455279345
Fax 08455279345

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