Released on: September 7, 2015, 4:34 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

Dubai, September 7, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Since its opening, Impact Dance Centers has seen a positive stride in offering dance classes in Dubai. More recently, they added hip-hop to its list of scheduled styles and extended this to their dancers as young as 2.5 years old.

Keen to start their children young in dance, enrolling them at Impact Dance Centres for dance classes in Dubai has enabled parents to keep them active and use their energy towards creativity and problem-solving. At Impact Dance Center, focus is not only on the physical aspect, but also the mental.

When it comes to options for dance classes in Dubai, Impact Dance Centers is in the forefront in comparison to its competitors. With a range of dance styles on offer coupled with some of the most experienced and talented teachers, they also have a wide age range who participate in their classes.

‘Coming from a background of arts, it has always been my dream to instill this passion into individuals from a very young age. Dance does incredible things to our lives and enriches them in ways we never thought possible. At Impact Dance Centers, we enforce discipline and creativity hand-in-hand to formulate a wholesome experience for everyone involved.’ – Bryony Moule (Managing Director)

Led by Ms. Moule, Impact Dance Centers has now come a long way from its beginnings. With a team of dedicated and skilled instructors, dance classes in Dubai are more structured so that students may make the most of these classes. Class times are strict and scheduled to ensure order and punctuality is a necessity.

‘At Impact Dance Centers, we definitely integrate the fun factor in dance, but we also want to stress on the importance of taking it seriously. Some want to go on as professionals in this field and make it a career, so having a few disruptors could ruin that process for everyone.’ – Nastajja Williama (Performing Arts Teacher)

Dance classes in Dubai with Impact Dance Centers has seen an extension of their curriculum with the introduction of Hip-Hop to their schedule. In addition to ballet, jazz and contemporary options, kids are able to specialize in a more modern form of dance if they so wish. It also adds an interesting difference to the classes conducted.

Impact Dance Centers is located at Mall of the Emirates and Control Tower; depending on which is easier for you, they can be contacted via for fees and class schedule.

Aside from offering dance classes in Dubai, they also have vocal training and music classes as well as musical theatre for budding musicians and singers.

Classes at Impact Centers are generally categorized according to age so that everyone can participate with their peers in their chosen style. It also enables the teachers to take a comprehensive look at their students and assist the beginners accordingly.

They also train for flash-mobs, corporate events and a variety of other performance arts events throughout the year which garner a lot of valuable exposure especially for those undertaking classes looking to progress on a professional level.

Contact-Details: Azam
+971 4 380 5077
Location: Office No. 1 | Oasis Centre, Dubai | United Arab Emirates

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