Released on: September 14, 2015, 10:37 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

Dubai, September 14, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- As an institution dedicated to a variety of art forms such as dance, music and theatre, Impact Dance Centre has established itself as the premier provider of its kind for dance classes in Dubai. Formed under the guidance of Bryony Moule who is the Managing Director for the centre, Impact Dance Centre has come a long way since its inception in 2004. With an increase in student numbers and return customers, the institution has over the years been able to gain a reputation for itself as a dedicated and caring dance school.

Impact Dance Centre has churned out many accomplished students throughout its eleven years in operation. Undertaking different streams, each student has been carefully nurtured and guided through their learning process with the assistance of some of the best teachers that are available in the field. Ms. Moule has gone the extra mile to ensure that the team supporting her, especially when establishing dance classes in Dubai is reliable, professional, highly-skilled and trained.

The school also enters its students into shows and competitions that allows them to broaden their skills and experience of performing in front of audiences which are very useful for dispelling feelings of insecurity, nervousness and anxiety. Dance classes in Dubai are also great for instilling confidence in children and even adults who tend to be more on the shy side. Impact Dance Centre offers dance classes in Dubai to students from the ages of 2.5- adult which makes it an easier learning curve for both the student and the teacher as they are familiar with each other should you continue to receive classes from the centre throughout.

Impact Dance Centre focuses on not only dance classes in Dubai, but also has vocal classes, music classes, musical theatre, and drama amongst its learning streams. These streams are further sub-divided based on genre such as hip-hop, jazz, tap and contemporary options under dance classes. They also have solo and group sessions for their vocal classes and these are further categorized based on age so that classes will be comfortable and age-appropriate.

Impact Dance Centre having made a name for themselves providing dance classes in Dubai, are now examining their options for expansion. They want to take the love of arts across the UAE and with a team of highly qualified staff, and a focused vision the task will not be that difficult.

‘We have no doubt made an impression in Dubai by introducing new types of dance and getting adults involved in our programs as well. We have had classes where both the child and parent enrolled and this makes for a very unique and interesting experience. We have quite a high influx of new students who come into our studios in Dubai. However, we want to take Impact Centre even further and bring dance classes across the UAE along with music and theatre. Currently we are considering Abu Dhabi and Muscat as options.’ – Bryony Moule (Managing Director)

Impact Dance Centre will be looking at making these expansions in the near future. They are in the process of scouting out a location that will enable them to carry out their classes the same way they do dance classes in Dubai. Engaging, caring and attentive to their students, it is no surprise that customers consider them their top pick.

Contact-Details: Azam Hussain
+971 4 380 5077
Location: Office No. 1 | Oasis Centre, Dubai

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