KG Cranes succeeds in developing and commercializing CLSC for the first time in the world

Released on: September 2, 2015, 3:35 am (EDT)
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Seoul, Korea, September 2, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The crane industry are attracted by the development of container transportable CLSC(Container Low-Space Crane) that shows an innovative improvement of manual production which is a characteristic of existing crane, special equipment for transportation, and an excessive loading cost.

The world’s first CLSC developer KG Cranes (, is a representative Korean company to manufacture cranes and hoists established in 1985. A crane is a supported structure to lift heavy items in various production fields and a hoist is the key component linked in a crane to lift and transport items as moving every directions.

The new CLSC is manufactured based on KG Cranes’ main product LSC(Low-Space Crane) and it is able to be transported by a container by manufacturing a crane girder in separate type. The other machines are also manufactured in foldable shape to be loaded in containers such as saddles.

KG Cranes can have mass production of cranes and hoists by developing diverse jig productions and they also maintain quality of product and ensure competitive price. moreover, they are considered to be able to increase the residual value of product in alteration of use by keeping in a container.

The products are 30~40% smaller and 20~30% lighter than competitive products which brings 20~30% of the reduction of factory construction fee. the product price is also minimum 30% to maximum 40% lower than competitors by simplification of transportation process and reduction of logistical cost.

“The development and test of 20ton CLSC and Span 20m are completed, and we are constructing a production line and developing the auto manufacturing system for mass production”, an officer of KG cranes said. “We are plan to expand market share of the under 30ton crane industry which takes 80% of world crane market with quality and competitive price” he/she added.

In addition, KG Cranes invests 7% of income to R&D, obtains NEP(New Excellent Product) certification from Korean government and holds many patents in about 10 countries include USA, Japan, and countries in Europe. KG Cranes exports to almost 30 countries include USA, Australia, China, Philippine, Vietnam, and countries in the Middle East. They have factories in Korea and Vietnam and also build about 40 sales network abroad.

Contact-Details: KG Cranes / Jayoung Cho,

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