New Social Network Solves World Problems

Released on: September 9, 2015, 3:48 am (EDT)
Industry: Non Profit

Melbourne, Australia, September 9, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- New social network celebrated its grand opening Aug. 29 as users participate to solve important world problems. Doing charitable work is not a one time activity. Contributing to agencies that insure clean water and school transport, among 14 others, is a standard part of the way operates.

Already in beta, JellyChip users earn points by answering surveys and completing activities on the site. After just 5 minutes a user can earn enough points for a free gift in the JellyChip store. Those gifts are given to partner charitable organizations. The user can determine the kind of good they want their gift to achieve.

“JellyChip redefines the meaning of social networks in ways never expected. It’s time for people to relate to each other in ways that make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others,” said Co-founder James Downing.

Users are able to add their friends, chat to their friends, and like and comment on any gift they have bought. This activity is automatically displayed on the member's profile.

The founders of JellyChip were moved by the immense communal power of social media giants. In an age when more people want to see major social problems solved, it makes sense to design doing social good into the very basis of a social network. The result is

Companies pay for the gifts by creating surveys. When a user purchases a gift, JellyChip sends the relevant funds to partner charitable organizations. There are a range of charitable items to pick from including clean water, and school transport, among 14 others.

This week JellyChip noted 22,000 children die from poverty each day. The site's post noted this is an appalling figure with the implication JellyChip users could actively work to alleviate the problem.

One JellyChip user replied, "What a great idea. I’m online all day. Now I can do something good with it."

Media Contact: James Downing
+61 411 582 552

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