Released on: September 4, 2015, 3:34 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

Portland, Ore., September 4, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Fall is here and to celebrate the back-to-school season in high-style, Portland, Ore.-based The Global Display Solution (TGDS) announces its “U Frame” campaign to introduce its Reusable Magic Frame to the nation’s college and university campuses.

The Reusable Magic Frame is a multi-service sign display with a unique molecular gel that allows placement of virtually any kind of signage information —from fliers and promotional posters to maps and directional information —on any flat service like doors, windows, counters and walls. It’s the perfect product for college and university facilities because it can be reapplied and used over and over again to display different information easily and conveniently, without the hassles of scraping off sticky tape or tinkering with temperamental suction cups.

Already, more than a dozen academic facilities started using the Reusable Magic Frame! Lewis and Clark College, University of Arizona, Spokane Community College, University of North Carolina, Portland Community College, San Diego State University, Linfield College, West Virginia University, TCU, University of Michigan, BYU, Iowa State, Willamette University, and the University of Minnesota are all on board.

Dennis Blakley, business development manager at TGDS, reports the Reusable Magic Frame’s unique features make it a real game-changer. “The frames are a clean way to display a message, can be repositioned multiple times, used either for landscape or portrait display and the molecular gel borders are seamless in leaving no residue behind,”Blakley says. "I am very passionate about Universities and Colleges and believe in the power of education. The magic frames have been a great vehicle for these institutions by keeping their walls nice and tidy."

The nation’s colleges and universities often need to promote activities and post academic information that can change daily. And, like other facilities, they are looking for alternatives to tape, which can look uneven and sloppy and can leave behind sticky adhesive residues that incur maintenance and labor costs. Plus, the Reusable Magic Frame is affordable; for about $5 a frame, you have a sustainable, multi-service display option at a price that is half what an acrylic alternative would cost.

“The Reusable Magic Frame is orderly, streamlined, modernistic, and it’s aesthetically pleasing to the human eye,”according to Blakley. “Our endless library of art applications through technology allows one to be creative and produce a eye catching message - this is where the magic frame comes in for the perfect fit."

The early response has been enthusiastic and Blakley and his team are planning to create additional videos showing the Reusable Magic Frames on college campuses, university recreation centers and in-use at residential dormitories.

For more information, contact Dennis Blakley at or 503-352-4439.
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