Unique Crime Thriller meets Interesting Historical Fiction

Released on: September 21, 2015, 6:19 am (EDT)
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Attleboro, MA, September 21, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Opium Warfare by Justin Bienvenue

Indie author Justin Bienvenue is known for his creativeness and innovative writing style with his idea to take on several different genres. His newest novel, Opium Warfare inspires to entertain from a fictional standpoint but also to educate from a realistic and factual one! This book should be read for anyone who wishes to take a fascinating journey to a simpler time and enjoys when reality meets fiction.

Justin Bienvenue isn’t just an author, he’s also a poet with a vision and determination to create and go above and beyond as well as outside the box when it comes to ideas to write about. “Opium Warfare” is more than just a book about a drug, it is an interpretation and realistic look into 1920's Shanghai, a time period that was not as glorious and happy going as most would expect. It is a journey with struggles, twists and turns just like any book but those things are also merely a small telling of the book as it combines fictitious aspects in with real life places, events and culture. Not only will you be interested upon every page but you will also at times learn things you may not have known as well. “No one will see coming or seemingly be able to stop.” is stated on the back of the book in relation to the story. However, this statement also means that as the reader you won’t see what’s coming next or be able to stop yourself from turning page after page to find out what happens next.

“Opium Warfare” tells of the drug slowly making it’s way from underground obscurity to public prominence. It is a book with an intriguing topic and background story that will stay with you and really make you think long after reading. The book will be published and available in several different countries and available on Createspace, Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and several other places where books are sold. Be sure to pick up a copy when you get a chance!

Justin Bienvenue has enjoyed writing for almost 15 years with 3 other published works, two being poetry. He is always looking for inspiration to write which he gets from all around him and hopes to turn those interesting less mentioned topics and turn them into wonderful readable gems.

For more information on Opium Warfare and author Justin Bienvenue please visit http://jbienvenue.webs.com/ you can also write him @ TheIcon75@gmail.com

Contact-Details: http://jbienvenue.webs.com

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