DormCo Presents New Tips for College Students with Allergies

Released on: October 26, 2015, 4:13 am (EDT)
Industry: Retail

Buffalo, NY, October 26, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The college student may have allergies under control while at home. The problem? When moving to college, those allergies won’t be under control as much. Whether college is an hour away from home or in another state, the college student will have to adjust to the new environment, and not just by getting used to living away from home.

One of the most important dorm items a college student with allergies will need is a humidifier. College dorm rooms can be quite dry, wreaking havoc on a college student’s sinuses. When the college student thinks of a humidifier, overly large dorm items may come to mind. However, a college dorm room is small and won’t be able to store an extra-large humidifier easily. Plus the dorm room is small and doesn’t require an overly large humidifier, anyway. There are much more compact humidifiers available that are perfectly sized for a college dorm room. These dorm essentials are no bigger than a small box with a 20 ounce water bottle attached! This small college supplies item can sit on a desk, dresser, and nightstand – wherever the college student needs it placed. The portability and compact nature of this item makes it ideal for small college dorm rooms.

Along with a humidifier, the college student is going to need some dorm bedding essentials to get a quality night’s sleep every night. To start with, the college student is going to need a Twin XL Mattress Cover or Encasement and a dorm pillow protector. These simple college supplies items will help block allergens while protecting the college mattress and Twin XL Dorm Bedding. Along with basic dorm necessities to help block allergens, the college student is going to want to frequently change Twin XL Sheets and college Pillowcases to keep allergies at bay. With some extra XL Twin Sheets and pillowcases on hand, the college student won’t have to wash laundry multiple times a week whenever a fresh set of sheets or pillowcase is needed.

Allergies can be quite difficult to get under control when in a new place. However, with these simple college supplies, the college student can be comfortable in the college dorm room without worrying too much about allergen concerns.

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