FLEX: the Most Portable Electric Bike that Fits You and How You Live

Released on: October 22, 2015, 3:51 am (EDT)
Industry: Transportation / Logistics

Toronto, Ontario, October 22, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Revelo Electric is be pre-selling the FLEX on Kickstarter at an introductory price of US$998 for delivery beginning Spring 2016. Visit: tiny.cc/revelo or www.reveloelectric.com

Toronto’s Revelo Electric launches a game changing e-bike that challenges what personal transportation looks like. The smart folding FLEX is the first companion vehicle that combines extreme portability with a robust riding experience. It allows a comfortable upright position and is easily used in conjunction with different modes of transport. The FLEX was designed in Canada from the ground up, with a clear focus on how people live within urban environments and is a tool that connects you to the people and places you love.

The FLEX incorporates an innovative architecture that eliminates the chain and positions the pedaling system to the front wheel hub. Revelo’s patented Dual Mode Crank (DMC) allows for a restful cruising foot platform that can switch to drive the 20-inch front wheel directly for active pedaling on steep inclines. The independently floating crank arms make steering feel plush and help to smooth out road imperfections. Innovations like the DMC allow the FLEX to have an extremely compact format and solid ride.

Whether for a full trip through urban congestion or a “last mile” jaunt from the train, the FLEX’s fold-and-roll design makes multi-modal travel a breeze. FLEX can handle a wide variety of road conditions and goes uphill easily. It stores quickly in a car, subway, apartment, boat, closet, or under the desk. FLEX even fits in a suitcase for easy travel! An optional side pannier rack and a detachable trailer provides practical storage for work or play.

Smart Folding. Breakthrough Design.

FLEX has the sleekest folding format available. In about 10 seconds, the FLEX folds to an impressive 1 x 2 x 2.5ft (30 x 60 x 80 cm) standing size. Weighing just 33 lbs (15 kg), it is among the lightweight leaders in the e-bike category. The unique Dual Mode Handlebar (DMH) can be rotated 90 degrees into a clever, slim profile for walking unobtrusively through crowds. The FLEX has a powerful 250-watt geared brushless hub motor in its 16-inch rear wheel, powered by a detachable 36V 10Ah lithium battery for a 30 kilometer (20 mile) range on a single charge. A full charge takes 3-5 hours and costs only pennies. FLEX is tuned for instant acceleration and quickly reaches a maximum speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). The FLEX is equipped with powerful front and rear Shimano v-brakes and optional SABS anti-lock brakes.

Kickstarter Launch October 15
The FLEX is the result of 3 years of extensive development and user feedback. It has been field tested throughout North America, Europe and Asia and is now ready for market.

Revelo Electric is pre-selling the FLEX on Kickstarter at an introductory price of US$998 for delivery beginning Spring 2016.

About Revelo Electric
Revelo (REvolutionary + VELO “bicycle”) is a clean mobility company founded in 2012 in Toronto, Canada. Revelo’s mission is to shape a new era of personal electric transportation. Revelo designs beautiful innovative products that inspire commuters to re-imagine how they travel. Rather than simply adding electric assist to a traditional bicycle, Revelo’s approach focuses on better ways to adapt electric propulsion to fit the rider and how they live. Revelo has created an e-bike platform that is incredibly portable and that offers a fun and exhilarating ride experience. Portability is achieved without sacrificing ride quality or rider fit.

Revelo’s latest e-bike model, FLEX, is the world’s smartest folding, portable electric bike that fits you and your lifestyle! It is your perfect companion that will take you anywhere, anytime... from home to work or play, with the ease of combining with other modes of transport.

Contact-Details: Aida Ulloa, aida@animacreative.ca, +1 647-648-3076

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