IID Empire releases new rock LP 'Kast of Modern Empire'

Released on: October 5, 2015, 2:53 am (EDT)
Industry: Entertainment

LONG BEACH, CA, October 5, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The rock artist known as IID Empire has released his debut full-length album, “Kast of Modern Empire.” The LP contains 11 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour, making for a round treatment of IID Empire's repertoire. It has been published as an independent release without the influence of the corporate music industry. Grooving, sex-charged, and sharpened with balanced doses of audio aggression, “Kast of Modern Empire” is easily one of the best independent rock releases of 2015.

IID Empire (pronounced 2-D after the artist's initials) cites as main music influences Noel Gallagher, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White and Richie Sambora. The resultant sound is steeped in the Brit-pop subculture that stretches from the 1960s to the year 2000 and beyond. Fans of groups such as Pulp, Oasis and the Verve will be particularly enthusiastic about “Kast of Modern Empire,” though the record has more than enough meat for listeners with a penchant for classic British rock like that of the Jam, the Who, or even the Animals as well.

The lush, expansive tones on “Kast of Modern Empire” are all the more impressive because the LP has been orchestrated by a single musician, IID Empire, wholly without creative collaboration.

“I am a solo artist first and foremost,” IID Empire writes. “I created the album entirely on my own, playing every instrument on each track as well as adding vocals.”

The achievement this represents doesn't manifest until one hears the music. The impact is immediate and real. It's hard to keep from seeing a live group behind the wall of sound that is “Kast of Modern Empire.”

In fact, IID Empire is currently at work assembling a live show. Fans will be duly excited to hear this, but not surprised. The music practically leaps onstage every time the music fan hits 'play' as it is. IID Empire describes the crew as a four piece with himself playing guitar and performing lead vocals.

IID Empire writes and plays music in his home city of Glasgow, Scotland.

“Kast of Modern Empire” by IID Empire is available online worldwide at hundreds of locations. Get in early, rock fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Kast of Modern Empire” by IID Empire at iTunes –

Website – 2dempire.com

Contact-Details: smccauley@mondotunes.com

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